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Hi friends! I am SO excited for today’s Top 5 Tuesday topic, which is hosted by Meeghan @ Meeghan Reads! We all need a little transformation once in a while, and what better to do that with than a book character???

Isabelle Lightwood

Honestly, Isabelle Lightwood is such a queen half of me is like “heck yeah I want to dress up as her” and the other half is like “BLASPHEMY”. Her street style is so cool, with the boots and tank tops and leather. Plus, I would LOVE to draw some Shadowhunter runes on myself (and um consequently pretend they’re tattoos lol). Actually, forget everyone else on this list I just want to dress up as Izzy.


Winter would be a fun cosplay to do! I have semi-similar hair, and if you’ve ever read one of my more sleepdrunk posts, I can very much channel my inner Mad Hatter. Plus, it would be pretty simple!! All you need is a little white dress honestly!


I feel like the whole “sugar in her hair” look is basically me baking minus anything actually turning out good*. She has great fashion taste and is incredible at makeup (unlike me) but I truly do think it would be so much fun to put on an extravagant look and imitate Laila!

*the last time i tried to make cookies, i accidentally put peppermint extract in instead of vanilla. on the bright side, they tasted delicious!! just 100% more minty than i thought!!


Blue is a LEGEND. She has strangely mismatched outfits, and she’s crazy and sassy. If I dress up as her, I mostly need to go around criticizing people with boat shoes tbh. That’ll be fun!

Annabeth Chase

I would love to dress up as Annabeth Chase. Throw on a baseball cap and an orange Camp Half-Blood shirt, and I’m ready to take on the world! Maybe! Probably not! Okay, I’m ready to find the nearest library how’s that for transparency.

So that’s it! It was honestly so much fun thinking about this topic. Now tell me:

What book character would YOU dress up as?

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23 thoughts on “Tag Tuesday: Top 5 Characters I Would Dress Up As!! // halloween all day every day

  1. oh god, this is awesome!!! Isabel Lightwood is such a good choice, she’s a badass and everyone would be like “OMG that outfit’s fire!!!” but on the other hand: I’m not sure I have enough of her style so that I could pull of an entire outfit hahahahahahahah
    and Winter is super cool as well, I always loved her style!

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