another sleepdrunk snarky quiz; this time it’s disney princesses

Hi friends! I was reading my raven cycle character quiz post the other day, and it was so humiliating. So obviously I decided to try another. This one is Which Disney Princess Are You Externally, And Which Are You Internally? Take it for yourself here!

Choose a sidekick to help you get through troubling times:

the way i just realized that the raccoon’s name is meeko not minho i-

I’ve reverted back to my twelve-year old Maze Runner self HELP. In all seriousness…how could I not pick Mushu. He is a legend. A bit of a problematic legend tbh*, but a legend nonetheless.

*just watch mulan 2. i’ve still only half-forgiven him for getting in the way of true love.

What’s your ideal living location?

tHe libRArY kArEN. dUH.

No seriously, why isn’t “library” an option??? This quiz is already inaccurate smh. The bottom right one looks super intriguing, but also like some prehistoric creature will rise out of the grasses or waterfalls and eat you? On second thought, that doesn’t sound too bad. Death by unicorn is fully acceptable. Bottom right photo it is!

What quality do you look for in a partner???

bold of you to assume that i don’t have high standards, buzzfeed.

Where is the “all of the above” option??? Also, what is up with that random dash in the middle of adventurous. I relate with the grammar trouble. Anyways, I’ve probably got to go with kind? Like cool, he’s funny but a jerk. Or smart but kicks cats. Or honest about how many cars he’s stolen, but he steals cars. Kindness is clearly the best choice.

which dessert best fits your personality?

ah yes, because next time i meet someone i will go up to them and say, “Harry, I hate to be the one to tell you this, but your vibe reeks of funfetti. See ya later.”

I do think I’m the brownie with a dash of vanilla though. Like…there’s no logic for this. I just like brownies and vanilla.

finally, choose a non-disney princess move!


I mean we can already kick The Aristocats and The Jungle Book but Lilo and Stitch? Also Alice? And Peter? Well…Peter can go. I don’t wish to relive that particular phase of my life. So that only leaves the traumatizing movie that is The Lion King! No idea why I put that in bold. Anyways, the soundtrack is fantastic. If you are not currently blasting Circle of Life or Can You Feel The Love Tonight, I don’t want to talk to you.

and the results are…drum roll please…

yes the puppy is back. he shall never leave.

I don’t know I’m kind of selfish. The “Mulan on the inside part” is really spot-on???? Like why does Buzzfeed know me better from five questions than I do from my (sorta, kinda, not really) many years of living. I feel like they failed on the Cinderella bit though.

So that’s it! Why did I decide to do this again? I don’t know. Future Me is currently cringing reading this post. But if you made it this far, well, I hope you enjoyed! Let me know your result down below if you took it!

16 thoughts on “another sleepdrunk snarky quiz; this time it’s disney princesses

  1. ah yes, because next time i meet someone i will go up to them and say, “Harry, I hate to be the one to tell you this, but your vibe reeks of funfetti. See ya later.” >> this is a mood tbh

    this is truly hilarious omjg I love salt xD

    I hope you have the March of your dreams!

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  2. I got Jasmine and Belle!!! And I completely agree with you that library should have been an option. I mean, the other places look great, but they really need to put library up there! Anyways, this was a really fun post to read!!!

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  3. Omg your comments about comparing o desert made me laugh. What a bizarre question 😂 I actually got addicted to Buzzfeeds quiz where you had to name as many Disney characters in seven minutes earlier this year 😂😂
    Anyway I got Ariel/Jasmine. And yeah it made sense when it said about wanting more but feeling trapped but I don’t agree with the travel part. I want to travel but don’t 🤔 😂😂😂 about the Jasmine description though. Leadership qualities??? Outspoken??? I think Jasmine’s awesome but I’m incredibly quiet and shy so those are so not me.

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      1. Yeah I did oddly well considering how long it’s been since I’ve watched a Disney movie :L
        It is rather strange :L I have no idea how it comes up with those answers from those questions anyway :L

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