ranking all of ariana grande’s singles in honor of sweetener’s 2 year anniversary !! // we’re spilling the tea today fam

Hi friends! Today, I’m going to be ranking all of Ariana Grande’s singles. Why? BECAUSE I AM OBSESSED. And also everything has to be ranked to have a clear winner*. AND it’s the 2 year anniversary of sweetener so…this is very important. I’ll be ranking all of her singles as a lead artist or featured artist, so you’ll see songs like Rain on Me on here as well as solo songs such as no tears left to cry, but not promotional singles like imagine. I also decided not to do the Christmas songs because, well, I feel like those are more situational. So let’s do this!

*i am obviously a ton of fun to play games with 🙂

28. Put Your Hearts Up

Yeah…sorry debut Ari. This song is fun, but it lacks everything that makes Ariana Grande Ariana Grande. She hasn’t fully found her voice yet, the lyrics aren’t hers, and this feels more like something Cat Valentine would sing. So, it goes last on my list!

27. Monopoly ft. Victoria Monet

She’s cute, we appreciate her, but is she actually a good song? Not really. Monopoly is repetitive, and lacks creativity. But I mean, this wasn’t like a super serious collab so I get it. This is a song for my “brainless” playlist for when I just want to bop and not think.

26. Don’t Call Me Angel ft. Miley Cyrus and Lana Del Rey

Don’t get me wrong, that chorus??? Pretty sure it hasn’t left my head since it came out. Ariana slays. And I love Lana’s bridge. I just wish there had been a better balance to the voices. Also, while this is catchy, it’s also forgettable. And um I don’t like Miley Cyrus so uh that’s my personal hot take on it.

25. Rain on Me ft. Lady Gaga

The best part of this song is easily Ari’s verse in my opinion. It’s catchy, and I mean, what a POWERHOUSE of a duo. Queens through and through. But the majority of the production is so…obnoxious. Also, the reason so many collabs are lower is because they either lack the personal significance of a lot of Ariana’s music or the song technically belongs to another person. So yeah.

24. Focus

Y’all are probably starting to get salty right about now LOL. Don’t get me wrong, if it were just up to the verses?? Easily, this would be in the top 15. But that awful harsh yelling absolutely ruins the song. It contrasts Ari’s light vocals in a weak way.

23. E Piu Ti Penso w. Andrea Bocelli

This was a frickin hard one to place. On one hand, THEY’RE SINGING IN ITALIAN. WITH PIANO. It’s beyond beautiful. On the other hand, this is an OST and I think ballads as a whole aren’t quite as fantastic as singles??? However, this is one of Ari’s most (possibly THE most) underrated collabs. I swear I’m getting Disney-level feels*.

*no seriously. i cry every time i listen to if i never knew you

22. Stuck With U ft. Justin Bieber

This is catchy as heck. And it’s such a mood right now with Covid. Ariana’s gorgeous vocals go together beautifully with Justin’s melodic ones. Plus, we stan the wintery RNB vibes.

21. Bang Bang w. Jessie J and Nicki Minaj

This is possibly one of the most overplayed songs in history. No wait, nevermind, I forgot Despacito and Eastside exist 🙂 Seriously though, this was an iconic moment. All three women came out and slayed. It’s just…not the best even all these years later.

20. boyfriend ft. social house

Say what you will but this song is a banger. Yeah, it’s repetitive, but it’s also heckin catchy. I also think the production, harmonies, and adlibs match Ariana’s vocals better than a lot of her other collabs. And Social House’s part is fun enough as to not take away from the song, but it also isn’t the biggest presence.

19. Baby I

Yours Truly has some amazing songs (hello, You’ll Never Know?!?!) but unfortunately, Baby I is just…lacking. I like the 90s inspiration but this song doesn’t hit the way it should. I think that’s partly due to Ariana not being fully confident in the extent of her voice, and not having as much control over her music. So number 19 it is!

18. Everyday ft. Future

Lyrically, this song has zero potential. But while this is simple, it’s also such 2016-esque perfection. You can, sing, you can dance, you can just straight up vibe. The lalalalas are everything.

17. Side to Side ft. Nicki Minaj

Again: fun! Catchy! Good for summer! But I don’t love this song by any means. You hear it one too many times and suddenly the appeal is gone. Also, this was pre-sweetener era so we don’t get the same emotional lyrical depth as we do later.

16. Problem ft. Iggy Azalea

This is a bop and a half. Iggy’s verse hits perfectly, and Ari’s vocals hit those notes seemingly effortlessly. And the whisper of a man’s voice adds just enough depth to the song but also doesn’t take anything away. This is what Focus should have been.

15. Beauty and the Beast ft. John Legend

Me being total trash for Disney would probably have placed this a bit higher. BUT I GOTTA BE SEMI-OBJECTIVE FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE SO HERE WE ARE. There’s not much to say about this except that Ariana and John’s vocals match seamlessly. New collab when? And they somehow manage to capture the magic of the original Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson version, while also making it their own.

(14). Somewhere Over The Rainbow

This is both a single and not. And now that I’ve arrived at this one, I don’t feel totally okay ranking it because this isn’t just a pop single. She sang this after the awful tragedy at Manchester, with the bombing, and it truly does bring me to tears. So consider this my honorary mention in the middle of the list, a beautiful and emotional rendition of one of the most beloved songs of all time.

13. Right There ft. Big Sean

Told you there were some bops in Yours Truly. This is a heartwarming song, and it’s the perfect mixture of Sean’s rapping and Ari’s vocals. The 90s influences work their magic well here. Also the live version on k bye for now is a great example of how this song is still so beloved even today.

12. Dangerous Woman

Okay now this is getting difficult. Dangerous Woman is a good song, don’t get me wrong. But it doesn’t! hit! as! hard! It’s what I would call a “mood single” where you either have to be in a certain mood to properly enjoy it, or a certain kind of audience. I don’t think this is the best showcase of her vocals (although what do i know lol i sing like a drowning goat) or the one that really defines her career.

11. Break Free ft. Zedd

Am I over EDM? Yip yup! Am I over this song? Nope! Maybe I’m a little subconciously influenced by that one clip of her singing “We’re stronger than we’ve been before” at the Manchester benefit concert but this…just feels different. I think the fact that this is one of Ari’s more personal songs, with lyrics that so many people can actually relate to, makes it so special. And the high notes are legendary.

10. break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored

Well APPARENTLY we’re in top 10 territory now. Okay then. The bridge is everything, and the parallel meaning of this song as it relates to her and Pete Davidson is brilliant. This isn’t her best work but it is catchy.

9. One Last Time

Okay first and most importantly, shoutout to Matt Bennet for that heck of a cameo. Second of all, this is a really good pop song and you can’t convince me otherwise. The melody and the lyrics and the vocals carry this song straight into the nine slot on this list.

8. breathin

I know, I know: radio overplay. But that doesn’t mean that you can deny the power of this song. This is a song about anxiety, and one of the songs you can really tell Ari had a hand in writing. Like okay I’m jusy going to bop away while also being sad about relating so much. It’s all good.

7. The Way ft. Mac Miller

This is probably on the list of “songs that hit differently in 2020”. This is bright and fun and watching the music video, you can truly see how happy Ari is. This is combines amazing pop elements with that smooth 90s RNB sound to create a song that’s so unique Ari’s. And Mac Miller…RIP. His verse is perfect.

6. Love Me Harder ft. The Weeknd

THIS IS SO GOOD AND YOU CAN’T ARGUE. Do you know what I do for another Ariana and the Weeknd collab????? Their vocals are what drives this song into the stratosphere because ohmywordtheygotogethersowell. And you seriously can’t help but bop to this. Try it. I dare you.

5. 7 rings

I swear I must have heard this song at least 100000 times and I STILL vibe to it like it’s the first time. Sure, I can’t relate. like, at all. But 7 rings saw Ariana Grande take a break from the emotionally packed album of songs that is thank u next, and try a new sound. And it works.

4. God is a woman

Do I totally agree with this song? No. Is it still a bop? YES. And I mean, heck yeah for women supporting women!! The ending is one of the most hauntingly beautiful things I’ve heard. This is a song and a half.

3. Into You

These last three songs are so hard, because they’re all iconic as heck. However, Into You just lacks the personal significance of the other two, so into the number 3 spot it goes! I swear, this song is possibly in the top 10 catchiest songs ever. It is the quintessential pop song, bold and powerful and brilliant.

2. no tears left to cry

How do you even begin to come back from something as horrible as the Manchester tragedy? It’s nearly impossible, yet Ariana did it. She came back with a song full of healing and hope. It’s something I’ll always admire her for, and also? This song is a vibe and a half.

1. thank u next

Where to even begin. I truly do think Ariana changed the music industry forever with this song. She starts by name-dropping her exes, and then continues on to celebrate her life and herself??? Ariana Grande somehow managed to find the perfect line between “personal enough that it could only be by her” and just catchy/poppy enough that anyone could vibe to it. And the music video is basically the definition of iconic with all the cameo and legendary movie references. How could

this not be number one?

So that’s it! uh…congrats if you made it this far! I hope you enjoyed, and share your thoughts below!

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11 thoughts on “ranking all of ariana grande’s singles in honor of sweetener’s 2 year anniversary !! // we’re spilling the tea today fam

  1. Okay WOW I did not know I needed this. I would’ve personally changed the rank of some songs and place One Last Time higher. But I pretty much agree with your top ten. I am not a huge fan of Ariana’s recent albums but I am trash for My Everything and Dangerous Woman.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. i’m not her biggest fan (ironic, right?) but i agree with the second and third place. however, i’m a little tired of thank u next, it was everywhere and i liked iy but right now i don’t think it would even be in my top 5, la he rallado (i really really want to express this in english but i can’t 😂 it means you have listened to a song so much you’re done with it) i also really love love me harder. you said it was overplayed but i think this was my first time hearing breathin? 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL that is ironic hehe! oh, that makes sense, it was quite literally everywhere hehe. love me harder is everything!! ahh, really??? that’s so funny, i guess they played thank u next instead of breathin😂😂 i hope you have a lovely week💜🖤


  3. I LOVE Ariana Grande and definitely need to listen to Thank You Next Now 🥰 I’m a little upset at Break Free not being in top 10 but then seeing what’s above it I can understand

    Liked by 1 person

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