my thoughts on the 100 song/music video // how do i feel about Super M’s comeback so far???

Hi friends! I’m here today to discuss my thoughts on KPOP group Super M’s latest comeback song!

for those who are confused: they released their recent “lead single” last friday, will release a second on september 1st, and the full length album will release on september 25th!


  • Taeyong has freaking Todoroki hair and I am HERE for it okay now that that’s out of the way let’s actually be semi-professional and continue.
  • I think Lucas still doesn’t have enough lines. Like yes, he’s gorgeous, we all love his visuals, we been knew, but the boy has talent too. GIVE HIM WHAT HE DESERVES.
  • It’s really interesting to me that so far, Super M have had a lot of very sci-fi focused music videos? It’s not really my thing but I appreciate the effort put into the effects on the videos.
  • (um the outfits aren’t bad but i lowkey keep thinking Ten’s wearing a jacket from Target)
  • Mark and Taeyong rapping “you might be a boss but we run this city like” ASDFGHJKL we stan a good confidence line
  • Baekhyun came through yet again that gorgeous high note, because he’s frickin Baekhyun and can do no wrong.

Okay generally? I’m not feeling the lyrics or the song itself. It feels like another WE’VE GOT THIS song with very high energy production I love Baek’s note, and Mark and Taeyong’s verses, but the saving grace of this song is the music video itself and the perfectly timed scenes. I’m not really going to comment on the choreo since it can’t be properly discussed until it’s performed in full live. Overall, I’m excited for the group’s first full-length album, but I already know that this probably won’t be a favorite.

That’s it! Tell me:

What are your thoughts on the song/music video?

What do you think about the upcoming comeback?

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