TV Review |The 13th Doctor’s Debut!

Hi friends! As an avid Doctor Who fan* I wanted to give my thoughts on the premiere! *okay so maybe I've only seen one Peter Capaldi episode BUT MATT SMITH AND DAVID TENNANT ARE LIFE So I was a bit apprehensive about Jodie Whittaker being the Doctor. Like, I loved the idea of a female Doctor but … Continue reading TV Review |The 13th Doctor’s Debut!


Film Review: The Incredibles 2

Hi friends! Last weekend for Father's Day, my family and I went to go see The Incredibles 2. I've been toying with the idea of reviewing it in my head considering I know nothing about films but I'm gonna give it a shot! Things I Liked: The focus on Elastigirl! It was such a clever move on … Continue reading Film Review: The Incredibles 2