Tag Tuesday: Mid-Year Book Freak Out Tag! // 2020 has been…a year so far

Hi friends! I wasn’t tagged for this, but I wanted to do it anyways! To be perfectly honest, I haven’t read that many books this year. Which is highly disappointing because HELLO??? I SHOULD HAVE DONE MORE READING BOOKS AND LESS READING WEBTOONS. Smh, me. But we’re going to do this anyways and ignore how dumb I’ve been this year!!

1: Best Book You’ve Read So Far In 2020?

I haven’t read a book that’s blown me away yet this year. But Queen of Nothing is just…well, there’s Cardan. And Jude. That equals one of my biggest OTPs ever. Also, this was honestly just a fantastic conclusion?! Like, I was satisfied by nearly every event that went down which is saying a lot. DANG IT NOW I WANT TO REREAD THIS WHOLE TRILOGY.

2: Best Sequel You’ve Read So Far In 2019?

Technically, this is the third book* in the Wayward Children series. IT WAS FILLED WITH ENDLESS SUGAR AND SKELETONS AND WHIMSY. I mean, it’s literally about a group of friends traveling through worlds to resurrect their dead friend. All in a mere 174 pages of pure gloriousness.

*tbh when have i ever paid attention to technicalities though. this totally counts for the prompt

3: New Release You Haven’t Read Yet But Want To?

Okay, but I am seriously stunned by the cover of Mexican Gothic every time I see it???? GOTHIC AND GORGEOUS. Everything about this novel sounds so deliciously dark, intriguing, and gripping, so I’m hyped to read it! A Song of Wraiths and Ruin is a fantasy heavily inspired by African folklore, and I’m excited to read it! I don’t know much about it because I want to go in blind but I’m super interested.

4: Most Anticipated Release For The Second Half Of The Year?

Uh…if I try to talk about any of these I will end up screaming into a pillow. Or just screaming into the void. Either way the neighbors won’t be pleased so let’s move on shall we?

5: Biggest Disappointment?

I mean, this has a Japanese-American girl and a Korean-American boy attempting speed-skating. Plus, delicious food! And romance! WHY WAS THIS JUST NOT GOOD IT’S WILDLY UNFAIR. The romance was lackluster, the characters whiny as heck, and the skating was brushed over.

6: Biggest Surprise?

I was shocked that I even went back to finish out the Charlotte Holmes series. But I was even more shocked at how much I enjoyed it??? The romance was AHHHHHHHHHHHHH. also the characters were well-developed. 10/10 would recommend reading for just the characters and relationships.

7: Favorite New Author (new to you or debut)?

This cover seriously takes my breath away every time I see it. So many Once Upon A Time vibes. Anyways, a good retelling is hard to do, and Jennifer Donnelly somehow managed to pull a fantastic retelling of Cinderella. I’m super excited to check out her future work!


I am NOT admitting to anything at ALL. Nothing. Not even a little hint. I’ll just drop a couple of gifs here:

9: Newest Favorite Fictional Character?

Jordan is one of my new favorite characters to enter the Raven Cycle world*. Her sense of humor and passion was incredible to witness. Also, she brought a new side of Declan Lynch to light, which I appreciate.

*or, as i like to call it: talking latin treeland

10: A Book That Made You Cry?

Y’all want to hear something wild??? I HAVEN’T CRIED YET OVER A BOOK THIS YEAR. MIRACLES DO HAPPEN. Actually, I don’t know if it’s a miracle…Summer Bird Blue had me feeling all the things though. Grief and music, family and friendships, lost connections and found relationships – it was a lot for my smol heart.

11: A Book That Made You Happy?

Books can make you happy…? JK JK*. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is full of nonsense, and so many moments reminded me of the old Disney movie. Also, this book is so high it’s hilarious??? This book is lowkey my brain at 2 in the morning. Anyways, this made me really happy!

*am i the only one who gets overly excited and thinks jungkook when they see that abbreviation? no? just me? okay then

12: Favorite Book-To-Movie Adaptation You’ve Seen This Year?

I’ve talked about Little Women more than any one person has the right to*. But while I haven’t read Just Mercy yet, the film was…heartbreaking. Incredible. Poignant and realistic and powerful. GO WATCH IT FRIENDS.

*besides our queen louisa may alcott ofc

13: Favorite Post You’ve Written This Year?

This was just really fun to do. It was nice going over what I hoped to accomplish for the year, and listing them in different categories! Although spoiler alert: I HAVE ALREADY FAILED MISERABLY. Yayyyyyy me.

14: Most Beautiful Book You’ve Bought Or Received This Year?

IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL. A huge thank you to Wednesday for sending this because my eyes are in love.

15: What Books Do You Need To Read By The End Of The Year?

I APPARENTLY HAD CHILDREN OF BLOOD AND BONE AS THE ANSWER FOR THIS LAST YEAR. SOMEONE TELL ME WHY I’M LIKE THIS. And we really don’t need to talk about Lord of Shadows anymore. It’s genuinely just so bad at this point I’m considering yeeting something out the window for every day I don’t read it.

16: Favorite Book Community Member?

There are so, so many book community members that I adore talking to and reading posts from, I love all of y’all! Specifically, I want to shout out Lisa, Kay, Joanna, Jane, and Charlotte. Go show your support to all of these amazing humans!!

I consider everyone who wants to this tagged! Talk to me in the comments below!

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17 thoughts on “Tag Tuesday: Mid-Year Book Freak Out Tag! // 2020 has been…a year so far

  1. OH GOD I HAVE TO DO THIS TAG! And goooood, I also need to watch Little Women (we all know why lmao and were demonstrated again by your pics haha), then you HAVE to finish Lord of Shadows for you in order to read Queen of Air and Darkness and then obviously Chain of Gold because that one’s even better! And I’m super happy you enjoyed the last two Charlotte Holmes books!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ooh I hope you love Mexican Gothic! I read it a little while ago and it’s so creepy and wonderful 😀 And I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed the Charlotte Holmes books, since I definitely want to read those someday. I like your name for the Raven Cycle world, or should I say talking latin treeland, and I definitely agree that Jorden is a highlight 😀 Good luck with your reading going into the second half of the year!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!! Ahh, that makes me even more excited to pick it up! Ooh, I hope you enjoy the Charlotte Holmes series whenever you do pick it up XD. Hehe yes! Thank you so much, I wish you the happiest of reading for the rest of the year💜


  3. Aww thank you so much for what you said about me ❤️ if it makes you feel any better I’m sure that you’ve read more than me this year 🙈 I’m seriously hoping to read more over the second half of the year. I’ve figured out the problem so in theory I can get passed it.
    I can’t wait to read Mexican Gothic and a Song Of Wraiths & Ruins either. Both sound amazing 😍 I hope you end up loving them when you get to them.
    I’m really looking forward to the later release that you’ve mentioned too. I know I haven’t read An Ember In The Ashes yet but I’m majorly hoping to be up to date with the series before it’s finale releases. There are so many fantastic books here. And so many stunning covers too. I swear that 2020 seems to be a year of insanely pretty covers 😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome! You’re an amazing blogger and book friend!! Ahh, I don’t know about that, I fell into a pretty bad slump at the beginning of the year haha. Ahh, I truly hope you can get pass it, I wish you all the best!💜 Yesss, they sound amazing. Ooh, I hope you enjoy the Ember series! Yessss, the cover designers have knocked themselves out of the park this year!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Aww thank you so much 💕 you are too. I love reading your posts and taking to you in the comments. Ah right, I’m sorry to hear that. Slumps are horrible and so hard to shake. Thank you 💕 and I want to do a top ten of covers at the end of the year again but picking is going to be next to impossible!!

        Liked by 1 person

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