tier ranking popular ya series!! // i hopped on this trend late didn’t i

Hi friends! I’m hyped to do this trend, even if I’m doing it super late. Basically, I used the YA template already existing on Tier Ranker, and ranked the books they had in the template. I was curious to see how I would do in the “ultimate” test, so here we go!

Haven’t Read It Yet

Bad Tier

Three Dark Crowns | Yeah, there goes some tea in the Literary Harbor…the tl;dr is that it was boring, the characters were majorly unlikable (katherine and joseph don’t deserve capital letter names), and there was insta-love GALORE. Goodbye, bad book.

Divergent | Technically, the first novel would be in okay or even good. But Insurgent and Allegient are such utter blights on this earth they brought this series’s stock way down. Those two would be in crap tier if it weren’t for Divergent.

Everything Everything | INSTA-LOVE. And an annoying plot twist. It’s funny how much I adore the author’s second novel, but not this one.

Warcross | This is an unpopular opinion…but I really didn’t like this book. The romance is so beyond insta-love, it’s like the quick version of a microwave. And there were not enough video games to satisfy my soul so FAIL.

Okay Tier

Illuminae | Oof. I remember almost nothing about this book, except that I was super confused and mostly bored. And the characters annoyed me. Also, after starting Gemina and listening to some creature being described for a solid 10 minutes, I was beyond done.

Shadow and Bone | I remember liking this series, back when I was brand-new to the YA world. However, I haven’t read it since? I mainly remember loosely enjoying the first book, something about Mal and trenches in the second (also Nikolai, he’s an important memory) and general crying in the third. Nikolai is carrying this series tbh.

The Darkest Minds | OKAY I ONLY READ THE FIRST BOOK. But after the first 100 pages, it got good. At least I think it did.

Twilight | I’VE ONLY READ THE FIRST TWO. Don’t @ me. This is both an awful series, but it’s not bad. It’s a decent paranormal romance okay. I can’t bring myself to hate it.

The Selection | While I obviously have enjoyed this series to no end, I can’t bring myself to put it higher? I despised Aspen up until the third book too much, I think. Maxon was and will forever be my child.

Matched | I’ve only read the first. I thought it got a lot of unnecessary hate, because it was relatively enjoyable.

The Fault in Our Stars | I like the movie better than the book. I think that says it all.

The Maze Runner | I REMEMBER CRYING. The third book made me SOB. And I enjoyed the first! The second might as well not exist for all I remember it.

Vampire Academy | Again, I only read the first? I didn’t like the romance. Or the characters. Maybe one day I’ll continue but I don’t know.

Red Queen | My thoughts are here, in case you’re curious about the series as a whole!

Stalking Jack the Ripper | The first was okay, the second was a lot better, and the third? CHOO CHOO HERE COMES THE TRAINWRECK. I haven’t read the fourth yet.

Good Tier

The Raven Boys | Lowkey is ranked here just for Gansey. And Ronan’s shenanigans, like throwing Noah out the window or attempting to jump from a moving car rather than listen to his brother. Blue Lily, Lily Blue is worst and The Raven King is superior. I don’t make the rules.

The Hunger Games | This might be due to a reread…haha. I think I’ve broken some kind of unspoken YA rule here. Finnick I adored, everyone else I was kinda eh on. How can I be Team Peeta or Team Gale when I don’t like either???

Scythe | I thought long and hard about this, and I don’t want to put it higher. I haven’t read past the first yet so…

Fantastic Tier

Strange the Dreamer | To be fair, I haven’t read Muse of Nightmares yet. I’m really lazy. But Strange is so confusing, then whimsical, then very near perfect, it had to go here!

Renegades | MARISSA MEYER IS MY QUEEN. She writes the most amazing stories, with the most lovable characters, and a diverse cast too! I’ve screamed about Renegades at least 201 times before so that’s that.

Throne of Glass | Y’all are probably shocked. Here’s the thing: regarding my memories from the first 4 books, this is EASILY in here. However, the callous sexual themes in the rest of the series, plus the ridiculous lack of diversity, are what really bothers me. To be honest, I would probably put Queen of Shadows into the “love with my whole heart and soul category”. That book is the pinnacle of this series imo.

Percy Jackson | YES AND YES. MY DEMIGOD CHILDREN. I read this series when I was 8, and was promtptly introduced to the lovely world of middle-grade series.

The Hate U Give | The queen herself. I would 10/10 recommend reading this, especially in light of current events. It’s a dang good book.

The Cruel Prince | The Wicked King is one of my all-time favorite books. The first book was average imo, and the third was an average conclusion. So I’ve decided that it’s not quite top tier…tier.

Love With My Whole Heart and Soul Tier

Six of Crows | Kaz Brekker would have my EYEBALL if he was placed any lower. Plus this crew is freaking legendary? I couldn’t just betray my favorite criminals like that. So of course this lands here!

The Lunar Chronicles | I CAN’T HELP IT. This was one of my first YA series I ever read, and every time I reread the magic I get caught back up into the story. Cress alone is worth every star in this galaxy.

Harry Potter | Eddie Redmayne’s beloved series is obviously one of my favorites, since it defined so much of my reading life.

Clockwork Angel

So that’s it! I’m going to be honest, I’m a little shocked at how many were in the “okay” tier? Tell me:

Do you agree with my choices?

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15 thoughts on “tier ranking popular ya series!! // i hopped on this trend late didn’t i

  1. Illuminae will always be one of my favorite books, haha. I wasn’t a fan of Strange the Dreamer though. 🤷‍♀️ It’s funny how different readers are.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great post!! I agree with you completely about Divergent series. I wish the other books in the series had been better 😭😕 Same with Maze Runner!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Is it bad that I felt kind of relieved when I saw that you had quite a few listed as unread? 🙈 It made me feel slightly less behind. Anyway I could never put Harry Potter on any other tier than the top one and I can’t believe that I still haven’t read Six Of Crows. I also loved the Clockwork Angel and Cinder books but both are due a major reread as I’ve only read them once and my memories of them are hazy
    I’m particularly desperate to get to the Cassandra Clare rereads as I want to read my copy of Chain Of Gold!! I think Cruel Prince would be top tier for me, although I do still have to read the finale. TOG wouod be towards the top of mine too although it’s another series that I still need to finish. I still need to read your other fantastic tier books but I have really high hopes for all of them. I have high hopes for some of the ones in the last two as well so I guess I’ll just have to wait and see what I think of them. I didn’t dislike Everything Everything but I wasn’t as enthralled as I thought I’d be either considering the popularity of it. For me it was just ok.
    Finally I’ve read 10 of your unreads (I think it must have been back before I fell into this slump pattern), the ones that I loved most being Wicked Lovely, Daughter Of Smoke & Bone and The Host. I also enjoyed Beautiful Creatures a lot and The Fifth Wave although the ending of that one was a let down for me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL not at all! It’s hard honestly to keep up even a little bit haha. Ooh yes, The Cruel Prince is amazing! I hope you enjoy Queen of Nothing. Ahh, I hope you enjoy them all! I agree, Everything, Everything was average at best hehe.
      Ooh really??? I’ll move those up the TBR! I’m super excited for Daughter of Smoke and Bone especially XD

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      1. I know. I have absolutely no clue how some people read hundreds of books a year. Thank you, I so can’t wait to pick it up 😍 it’s a good excuse for me to reread the series too.
        Yeah I was expecting so much more from it.
        Yeah, I’m actually hoping to reread the Wicked Lovely books this year as the authors recently released a prequel to it. And Daughter Of Smoke & Bone is incredible. I hope you love it 💕

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  4. Totally agree with you about Everything, Everything! I tried to read it a few years ago and thought it was SO trope-y, and I couldn’t get over the insta-love! Also, Cinder was one of my first YA series ever read, too!! Randomly picked it up from the bookstore and thus began a deep obsession with all things YA Search Results 😂Funny that we had the same experience!! (:

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