my goals for 2020 // ft. life, reading, and blogging

Hi friends! I’m here today to share some goals I have for the year. It’s a well-known fact of psychology that writing down goals, or having some kind of accountability for them, actually helps you achieve them. And often, it’s setting the bigger, more impossible goals, that make things possible you never would have dreamed of. So I’m going to share some really big things, and I can’t wait to see at the end of the year what happens!

lifestyle goals for 2020!

  • a part-time job! I haven’t worked before, but I uh, really need some money to fuel my book and music addictions.
  • cook healthy, and more diverse meals. I would really love to be able to not only cook but create some food from other countries. I absolutely love getting to explore other cultures through food.
  • exercise more! I hate exercising. It bores me. But I really need to do it more (especially considering my addiction to sugar haha) so it’s on my list! I also want to lose five pounds at the end of the year.
  • actually have a sense of fashion haha. I mainly survive on sweatshirts and jeans, but I’d like to be a little more creative, you know? I’m not sure how well this goal will work out because it really comes down a confidence issue but we’ll see.
  • and most importantly for me personally, to grow in my faith. I’d really love to study the Bible more, and meditate, and be a little more constant in praying lol. 2019 has been a hard year, and I know 2020 will be hard too. I don’t want to let that make me bitter and drive me away from what’s most important in my life.

reading goals for 2020!

  • read more! I’ll talk more about why I read so much less in 2019 than in 2018 in my wrap-up of the year, but for now, I want to make sure reading is still kept a priority in my life. I’d really love to be able to read a lot, and have some more interesting stats to share with you guys at the end of the year!
  • more manga, graphic novels, and possibly comic books. Something that I’ve come to realize this past year is how stories can come in all different shapes and sizes. Just because a manga is totally different from a novel doesn’t necessarily make it any less valid. I’m hoping to experience more of these incredible tales in the new year!
  • read more translated books. A translation obviously isn’t going to be as powerful as the book written in its original language, but the heart of the story will still be there. I want to be able to hype up indigenous authors from other countries, and learn about new cultures through writing that isn’t just inspired, but came directly from a source.
  • more ownvoices! more ownvoices! Diversity should always be celebrated. I mean, many popular books are severely lacking in not just representation but valid, real representation. I want to read more from ownvoices authors, and support them in the amazing work they’re doing.
  • reread books I haven’t liked in the past! I’ve grown so much as a reader over the past few months. I really want to go back and reread a couple of books I don’t think I gave fair judgement on such as Graceling, Three Dark Crowns, and Throne of Glass*.
*but not this is where it ends. never again shall i touch that cursed book.

personal goals for 2020!

  • become fluent in Korean! Obviously, you can’t become fluent in a language in a year (unless you’re brilliant if so share some brain cells with poor me) but I would really like as close as possible. I’m considering sharing some monthly posts on my progress, because I’m really passionate about learning it!
  • be more open to music, especially in different languages! Another thing I’ve really come to terms with is how prejudiced and close-minded I’ve been with other cultures. BTS has really helped changed and shape my mindset on that front, but there’s still much room to grow! Latin, Japanese, Korean, and possibly French music are at the top of my list but if you have any foreign artist recs, please please please drop them below!
  • watch more international movies/tv shows! This is really similar to the previous one. Halfway through 2019, when I started making it a goal to watch at least one international movie a month, I found two all-time favorites. Spirited Away (Japanese) and Train To Busan (Korean) both stole my heart. I’m very excited to dive even deeper into uncharted territory when it comes to movies and TV.
  • take a music production and/or songwriting course. I’ve been really interested in both of these topics recently, and Coursera has courses for free on both of them. I’d like to learn more about both!

blogging goals for 2020!

  • first of all, thank you everyone for an amazing year!!! i’m so beyond blessed and grateful for each and every one of you, and if i can bring at least one smile, chuckle, or nugget of knowledge to you, then i’m so, so happy. so thank you from the infinite well of my heart!
  • on that note, i’d love to reach 1500 followers! I’m totally not expecting to get even close to that number, but well, why not set a big goal? It’s always good to dream!
  • have a more consistent posting schedule. It’s often hard for me to find time to write, which means I end up writing a lot of posts early and scheduling. However, that also means a lot of wrap-ups are late (or never come…november and december weigh heavily on my mind) or I set TBRs that never end up happening. I want to be flexible in my posting but also maintain some kind of reliability.
  • better graphics! I always say this, but graphics just fall by the wayside when it comes to blogging for me. By the time I’ve made it through one post, my creative well has run dry. Or I’m just really lazy. Either way, I want to make this blog the best it can be and that means better graphics!
  • be more consistent with instagram. Instagram is a bit of a sore spot for me, because I have no clue what to do or how to do it. But I want to learn! I love the gorgeous book photos everyone else posts, and I think it’d be fun to do some of my own.
  • blog about more than just books! I honestly want to share whatever is on my mind, and not feel limited to reading. Of course, the majority of content will still be bookish but I want to expand more into journal-like posts, helpful tips, movie and music reviews, and well, whatever else I decide to do!

That’s about it! I’m so sorry if you found this super boring, I really wanted to be a little more open about everything! Please look forward to exciting and new things from me in the new year, and I hope to get a 2019 wrap-up up soon. Love you guys!

17 thoughts on “my goals for 2020 // ft. life, reading, and blogging

  1. I love reading other people’s goals posts so thanks for sharing 🙂 I’m also trying to cook healthier meals this year; hopefully we both find new dishes we enjoy! I also totally relate to your fashion sense goal; I have no style to speak of, lol. Best of luck with all your goals!!

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  2. Loved reading your goals for 2020! 😍 I hope you’re able to achieve all of them! I’m so glad to know that you’re passionate about learning Korean, and if you did decide on updating your progress every month, I’d love to read your posts! I’m also gonna read more ownvoices and some translated literature…at least I’ve planned to! Wonderful post!

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