A Question of Holmes Review! // a romantic mystery with a dash of dark academia

Hi friends! I’m kinda shocked to be reviewing this book right now, but I guess it’s 2020. Everything feels weird. Anyways, I can’t wait to tell you about the conclusion to a really cool mystery series!

Charlotte Holmes and Jamie Watson think they’re finally in the clear. They’ve left Sherringford School—and the Moriartys—behind for a pre-college summer program at Oxford University. A chance to start from scratch and explore dating for the first time, while exploring a new city with all the freedom their program provides. But when they arrive, Charlotte is immediately drawn into a new case: a series of accidents have been befalling the members of the community theater troupe in Oxford, and now, on the eve of their production of Hamlet, they’re starting all over again. What once seemed like a comedy of errors is now a race to prevent the next tragedy—before Charlotte or Jamie is the next victim.


Okay, the caps were very dramatic*. But while it’s so satisfying to finish out a story, it’s sad to say goodbye to all the characters you’ve become so invested in. The Charlotte Holmes series has been a rollercoaster: the first book being really good, the second virtually unspeakable, and a surprisingly good third novel. However, this conclusion is possibly tied with the first for being my favorite of the whole series! And the narrator did a really excellent job on the audiobook as well!

*although i’m very dramatic wbk

THE CHARACTERS. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: the characters are what makes this book for me. However, this is told exclusively from Charlotte’s perspective, so I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about that. But I think being in Charlotte’s head the entire time really hammered in just how far she’s come as a character. She’s slowly trying to become a better person, and her development from the first book? *chef’s kiss*.

As for Jamie…well, he’s still the best Watson ever. The levity he brings to the table with his banter is everything. AND THEIR RELATIONSHIP. AHHHHH. It’s come so far and it’s just…everything.

And the mystery! The only other book whose mystery I half -liked was A Study In Charlotte. But this mystery didn’t have a lot of personal significance to the main characters, and it deals with murder and theater kids. I could feel just the slightest hint of If We Were Villains vibes. I really loved getting to see Jamie and Charlotte interact without stupid love triangles or anything of that sort. And I adored all the new personalities and characters we meet in this one.

While the mystery was so much better than in previous installments, it still left much to be desired. I’m never really shocked or even totally invested, and for a mystery series that’s not exactly fantastic.

Also the ending??? It was highkey confusing. Too open-ended, and a little out of order with the rest of the book.

So yeah! Overall, I’m glad I finished this series, and I hope y’all enjoyed this review! Tell me:

Have you read this series?

What are your thoughts on Sherlock Holmes retellings?

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21 thoughts on “A Question of Holmes Review! // a romantic mystery with a dash of dark academia

  1. I feel the same way about finishing series. Also sometimes it can be hit or miss if it ends okay and there will not be anymore so it’s not like there will be another chance for it to end better. Ending stress me out lol!

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  2. Wonderful review. I’m glad you enjoyed this one so much although it is a shame that the mysteries weren’t better then. I still hope to check this series out at some point though. On the subject of Sherlock retellings I’ve actually seen one around lately although I’ve only seen middling reviews for it and one DNF so I’m not sure what to make of it. It has a supernatural element too though which intrigues me. It’s called The Angel Of The Crows.

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      1. Maybe. I have noticed I have an annoying tendency to guess mysteries on TV at times though -_- Thank you though.
        It’s okay, as soon as I saw a review of it and realized it was a Sherlock retelling I remembered you wanting some before and thought I better share it with you. I actually felt foolish for not realizing one was on my TBR but to be fair the blurb really doesn’t make it clear :L

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      2. I hope you enjoy it ☺️ once I start catching up with reading a bit I’m quite tempted to get it from the library myself thanks to its supernatural content.

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