Pop-Culture Stuff(?) I’ve Been Into Recently! (the music edition!)

Hi friends! So I’ve technically got…approximately

5 billion reviews to write.

And catch-up posts. But I realized I never write about what I like besides books? Well actually I occasionally write other reviews but SHHH I DON’T TALK ABOUT OTHER STUFF ENOUGH. So let’s do this!

Ariana Grande is taking over the world right now and I AM HERE FOR IT. I genuinely didn’t start properly getting into her music until, like, right before thank u next (the song) released? Soooo I’ve failed my entire life until this point.

Ariana is so much fun and is an actual queen. She’s absolutely hilarious, and shouts her friends out on Instagram all the time! And you can’t argue with those whistle notes. You just can’t. I’ve heard most of her songs (the thank u next album is all I ever wanted) so here are my faves right now…

Current Favorite Songs (in no order)!

  1. The Way Ft. Mac Miller (RIP)
  2. Almost Is Never Enough Ft. Nathan Sykes (AKA a super underrated song
  3. needy (LOVE LOVE LOVE)
  4. NASA (again: LOVE LOVE LOVE)
  5. ghostin (cries forever)
  6. imagine (told ya about those whistle tones)
  7. everytime (favorite off of sweetener!)
  8. 7 rings (don’t judge me)
  9. thank u next (iconic)
  10. Basically whatever she makes in the future

Next is an obsession I was not expecting, nor wanting, yet I wouldn’t trade it for the world now*. You see, a year ago I listened to a bit of Kpop, thought it was good, and forgot about it. But recently, I’ve been seeing BTS’s ARMY EVERYWHERE. Literally, I’ll be on Pinterest looking at a chocolate chip cookie recipe and check the comments and BAM. An ARMY’s there informing everyone of January’s streaming goals and all the latest news. It was terrifying. So obviously I figured I’d watch a couple of BTS behind the scenes, maybe an interview or two…and then I ended up here.

*why do I sound like a trash Dr. Suess
From left to right: Suga, Jungkook, Jimin, J-Hope, Jin, Rap-Monster and V!

Their personalities are so hilarious and work so well together! Also, I’m a sucker for brotherly relationships and they’re basically an entire adorable brother family so yeah. My weakness. But they also work so so so hard, and genuinely care about their fans, and what they do is so rare in today’s world it’s impossible for me not to support them!

They’re so humble and sweet. Also, I always look up their English lyrics when listening to their songs and first of all, Namjoon is FREAKING EDGAR ALLEN POE and second of all, they tackle so many subjects that we need to hear in music but often don’t. They do so much for their fans, and support each other to the max, and and and I JUST LOVE THEM SO MUCH. To be honest I could lowkey write an entire post about how much I love them and how they do so much more than music.

Their music videos are also way too perfect for words. The dancing? The visuals? Like holy Batman, Anpanman. And the storyline is so complex and theoretical and AH. Art is what it is. But again: they don’t just tackle tough subjects, they also promote love and acceptance and they’re smiling adorable children. I haven’t listened to anywhere near all of their songs but all of the ones I’ve heard are perfection. Gorgeous. For example, Magic Shop was written by Jungkook (the youngest) and RM for no reason other than to give a little bit of love back to the fans. Like, “when you’re feeling sad, just know that we care” sorta song and I cry every time I listen to it (which means nothing because I cry to every song by them. haha…ha.) AND THIS RANT HAS GONE ON LONG ENOUGH*.

*although for every ARMY wondering, Jungkook is my bias and Tae my bias-wrecker although I freaking love them all to death
yes this did just happen at the Grammy’s.

So this was supposed to be music AND TV but then BTS happened and I won’t curse y’all by making you read TV too. What kind of music do you listen to? Have you heard any of these artists?

4 thoughts on “Pop-Culture Stuff(?) I’ve Been Into Recently! (the music edition!)

  1. This is a fun change of pace! Ariana seems to have her head screwed on right, so I like her personality (and of course, her voice is out of this world). Oh, and BTS is a group with great personalities. I once saw their MVs before they blew up, and you totally tell they enjoy what they do (their personalities popped off the screen). 😉 Nice picks!

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  2. bad idea is my jam right now. It was such pain waiting for the songs to drop on youtube while everyone was streaming on Spotify / Apple Music (I live the free life). For her older songs, I adore Piano and Popular Song. And her Christmas album is such a vibe.

    I haven’t fully gotten into BTS, but I like some of the BlackPink songs. Jennie’s song, Solo is sooo good.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. IKR! It’s sooo catchy. I feel that, I wish they had gone up the day they came out!😂😂 Oh, I haven’t heard those, I’ll have to check them out!!

      And ooh, I’ve heard of them! I’ll have to listen to them too *makes an entire playlist


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