Sorta DNF Mini Reviews!

Hi friends! So this is literally going to be what the title says: reviews for sorta DNF’s!

What’s a sorta DNF, you may ask?

Unofficially? It’s me picking up an audiobook from Overdrive to waste an hour, and promptly forgetting about it until it automatically returns. Officially? It’s books I didn’t finish because time and procrastination and due dates. Let us begin!

Why I DNF’d:

Um…I kinda picked up the audiobook and gave up after 40 minutes. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE! I’ve found that I absolutely love the Wayward Children series, but only when it doesn’t take place in the “real world”. Every Heart A Doorway was not worth the hype for me but oh my starry night is Down Among the Sticks and Bones worth every word.

I DO STILL WANT TO READ THIS. But the audiobook expired, so I checked it out again, and proceeded to not listen to another word for a good two weeks. I honestly don’t think sci-fi is the best way to go when listening to audiobooks for me, because I get bored so easily. I really enjoyed the opening match but after that I lost interest. It wasn’t for lack of action, it was simply that I wasn’t engaged. Also there was a romance on the air and I ran for cover. I know.

Anna-Marie McLemore’s writing is gorgeous and lush and incredibly beautiful. Of course, library due dates called so it’s gone. And I didn’t get to finish the story and I’M SO SALTY. But seriously, this cover is beyond glorious. Besides the writing, I adored the sister relationship! But, I was also lowkey confused half the time because magical realism blurs the lines so well I can’t keep up. Who’s actually surprised though?

So that’s it! If there’s one lesson we can take away from this post, it’s that I suck at reading (listening to?) audiobooks. Tell me how you feel about these books!

10 thoughts on “Sorta DNF Mini Reviews!

  1. I’ve listened to audiobooks in the past, usually on a plane ride or sketching. Now I don’t listen to them at all because I find them boring when you’re listening to them, and I always end up not finished them because I have to return them.

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  2. Ahahah I totally relate to this! I usually take out too many audiobooks at once and then start each of them a little bit? But then I only end up finishing a couple whereas the others I sort of forget about… oops. Blanca & Roja was so good! I totally know what you mean about getting confused though hahah, magical realism can be tricky. 🙈 I hope you end up enjoying these if/when you pick them up again! ❤

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