The Folk of the Air Book Tag!

Hi friends! I’m back with a book tag, because it’s been a while since I did one. And considering the CRAZY hype around The Wicked King right now (yes that hype I’m currently feeding into) I figured this would be a great one to do! I was tagged by the lovely creator Xandra! So go follow her if you haven’t already! And just as a side note, all of these beautiful graphics are hers!

and yes I did in fact accidentally post this last week and then somewhat quickly retracted it so if this looks familiar…that’s because I am a bad blogger. No excuses.


  1. You must tag the original creator (Xandra @ Starry Sky Books)
  2. Spoilers galore! You should probably read The Cruel Prince first! (You don’t really need to read The Wicked King, but that would be nice.)
  3. Answer all the questions.
  4. Try to tag at least 3 other bloggers.

Jude: A Character Who Would Probably Kill You In Your Sleep!

Kaz freaking Brekker. He’d stab me in my sleep, then do it three more times for good measure. Not that I blame him, I can be pretty annoying sometimes. I probably tried to jump a rooftop impressively and fell off. Onto him. And broke his cane. Whoops…

Cardan: A character who seems like a Bad Guy™ but is ultimately more complex than you thought!

Jacks is my weirdly bad child and if you didn’t see this coming, congrats! He honestly acts evil and no one likes him BUT THERE’S MORE TO HIM THAT MEETS THE EYE. He’s…well…he’s an underrated character that deserves a book of his own.

Locke: A character (or plot twist) that made you want to throw the book!

Literally, I sobbed and threw this book. That ending was hopeful cruelty at its finest. Plot twists are MY THING especially when I die forever over them.

Taryn: A character who deceived you!

You know, I was just happily minding my own business, liking a character, shipping said character with someone, even ROOTING for this character…and look what happened. You know what you did character. You know.

Vivi: A book that was significantly different from the others in its series!

Somehow, Stephanie Meyer made a creepy romantic book even creepier. This was so different from the first book because Bella got whinier, Jacob arrived in all of his shirtless glory, and Edward existed in some otherwordly realm known as “Not Forks Washington”.

Valerian: A character who just needs to die (or, you know, get stabbed)!

I really, really hate Katherine. She’s so horrible and angsty yet whiny and so unlikable. How many redeeming qualities have I found of her??? ZERO.

Oak:  A smol™ character you would protect at all costs.

First of all, can we just appreciate how hard I’m trying not to use Shadowhunters in every question so far? I’m so proud. Anyways, I LOVE this motley crew and I would lowkey die for Noah or Gansey. DIE I TELL YOU*.

*i’m being melo-dramatic but that’s okay

The Cruel Prince: A book that surprised you with a twist!

Can we just go with like every twist in this book ever??? My jaw was actually sore because it kept dropping.

The Wicked King: A book you thought was better (or worse) than the first in the series.

I was going to pick a different book that’s one of my all-time favorites but it’s not saved in images and I’m not searching through a million images to find it so here’s this one! So this was a total disappointment because there’s a random bad romance*, an annoying main character, and a repetitive mystery.


Queen of Nothing: A book you’re excited for, but know nothing about!

Um…usually I know the basics of what I read. But I’m just going to go with whatever Marissa Meyer, Stephanie Garber and Sabaa Tahir write next (considering all of their series ends this year…*sobs*)

I Tag:

Blogger Books | Ruqs | Jenniely

So that’s it! I hope you enjoyed! Even though this turned into a bit of a salty post haha.

15 thoughts on “The Folk of the Air Book Tag!

  1. OMG I love your answers and thanks for tagging me! Unfortunately I already posted that tag two days ago tagging you haha😂😂😂 and your answers are everything!!!!! Kaz and Katherine, Gansey and Noah, MAVEN!!!!!!!! 🥰🥰

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  2. Oh I loved this one! omg yes Kaz Brekker would stab everyone who gets in his way! The hero of ages was just cruel! But I loved it!


    Liked by 1 person

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