Tag Tuesday! | Slytherin Day!

Hi friends! It’s time for another Hogwarts House themed Top 5 Tuesday, hosted by Shanah @ Bionic Bookworm! I feel like Slytherins get a lot of hate, but honestly? They’re awesome. They are ambitious, driven, goal focused, determined, prepared, perfectionists, adaptable, … Continue reading Tag Tuesday! | Slytherin Day!

The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas Review!! | Best Short Story Ever?!

Hi friends! boy, do I have a story for y’all. So the other day, I was looking up BTS’s top songs* and stumbled upon Spring Day. I’d already heard the song once (and cried) but hadn’t seen the music video yet. And of course the website I was on was highly praising the MV and saying it drew references from Ursula K. Le Guin’s short story The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas. And so what do I do??? Ignore the obsessive impulse to read it and continue with my day. Sat down and read it right then and there. Unsurprisingly. … Continue reading The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas Review!! | Best Short Story Ever?!

The Folk of the Air Book Tag!

Hi friends! I’m back with a book tag, because it’s been a while since I did one. And considering the CRAZY hype around The Wicked King right now (yes that hype I’m currently feeding into) I figured this would be a great one to do! I was tagged by the lovely creator Xandra! So go follow her if you haven’t already! And just as a side note, all of these beautiful graphics are hers! and yes I did in fact accidentally post this last week and then somewhat quickly retracted it so if this looks familiar…that’s because I am a … Continue reading The Folk of the Air Book Tag!

5 Reasons You NEED To Read Middle-Grade!

Hi friends! I was thinking over blog posts to do* and realized: a lot of people don’t read middle-grade. So I’m here to convince you to do just that! *even though I have like 2 reviews to write whoops 1: Romance ain’t always it chief! IT’S OKAY IF YOU READ ROMANCE. But far too often (in YA especially) romance overshadows all of the beautiful family/sibling/friendships we all want to see! Some recs with little-to-no romance: 2: Crazy Worlds! Often, middle-grade embraces the whimsy and magic of the worlds they’re set in, rather than being confined to a set of rules … Continue reading 5 Reasons You NEED To Read Middle-Grade!

January 2019 Wrap-up!!!

Hi friends! It’s time for THE FIRST WRAP-UP OF 2019! I mean, it wasn’t the greatest reading month in terms of quantity but that’s totally fine. We’re not comparing to last year anyway*. But I’m excited to share the (few) books I read this month! *I READ A MONSTER CALLS LAST JANUARY AND NOTHING SHALL COMPARE Kindaichi Case Files #3: Death TV | This is the third manga in the series! And I enjoyed it but honestly, I find the deductions downright unsatisfying. Half of them seem like they’re either assumptions or lucky leaps of faith*. I mean it did … Continue reading January 2019 Wrap-up!!!