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Hi friends! I’m back with another review, which I’m super hyped about. But first! A summary!

also am I the only one who’s bad at writing summaries? I write something, then realize I forgot something, then realize I spoiled something, THEN REALIZE IT’S JUST A BAD SUMMARY.


the shadows fire's hopeThe Shadows have three abilities: one unique power, the ability to enter a distant Realm and communicate through it, and one inert understanding of a human trait.

A little overzealous during an MMO raid, Mark’s hands suddenly burst into flames revealing he’s a Shadow. They’re dangerous, powerful, and contained in a hidden facility covered by a shield known as the ASH. Mark can’t possibly be a Shadow, but he’s still thrown into the ASH like just another monster.

Afraid the fire will consume him, he clashes with the icy Shadow, Silverstonarellena, certain he’ll live out the rest of his days imprisoned and paranoid of angering his roommate. Still, he holds onto hope that he’ll be able to escape and return home, but it might be more complicated when he finds out he has the power of an Orchestrator named Shadow Hope, allowing him to pass through the shield and free all the Shadows.

Even if he is some powerful Shadow, why didn’t he know? Why wasn’t he taken to the ASH at birth like the rest of the Shadows? And why won’t anyone give him straight answers? He fights to trust the Shadows. Even though he wants to help them, he fears there’s an even bigger mystery unraveling when he uncovers the suspicious death of a Shadow who had attempted to escape and may have been his doppelganger.

My Thoughts

Well first of all, can we give a great big hurrah to E. Kathryn because being a self-published author is hard. Sometimes, I can’t figure out how to put the toilet paper on the toilet paper roll so I’m not the best example of competent.

On another note, I would like to thank the author for giving me an ARC of this book! I do know her personally but that does not affect my thoughts.

3.5 tarot cards

Okay so, I actually adored the magic system so much?! We’re very much in the day and age where it is ridiculously hard to not reuse plot lines or plot points or something*. But the author did an excellent job of creating abilities that were very interesting.

*if only I lived in an age where I had a more eloquent way of saying “something”

I thought the plot was interesting, however it was extremely informative. Which is fine, after all first books usually have to set up things for the rest of the series! But I did feel that there could have been more to the story.

I did like the characters! Kip is my favorite, he’s an actual cinnamon roll. The character development was rather well-done. I did find that in several scenes, the characters acted well…I’m not trying to be punny…but they acted out of character.

And finally, the ending was really good?! Like, it sorta ended in a stand-alone way, in a weird way, but it also dangled several questions in front of your face like a carrot in front of a rabbit*.

*rabbits eat carrots, right? Or is it donkeys? HELP I’VE FORGOTTEN

Just kidding, I have something else too LOL. I was sometimes confused by the writing style, like it felt like there should there be a period, or a comma, or a different word then what should be used? But that’s really just a personal thing!

All in all, I did enjoy this! I’m eager to see what the author does next. This just published three days ago, so you can get your own copy now! Talk to me about this in the comments!

Copy of My Thoughts

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