Best UNDER THE RADAR Books Published in 2018!

Hi friends! If I’ve learned anything from my time as a book blogger, it’s this:

we need better adaptations and free cookies.

But also

Some books get really, really hyped up. Like, everyone everywhere is talking about it.

Which isn’t bad at all! It does mean, though, that some excellent books get shoved out of the way in the process so I’m here to talk about some under-hyped books! 

My Review!

This is a contemporary* novel that follows Lily, whose schizophrenic mother tried to kill her when she was seven years old. So basically Lily, in order to avoid developing the mental illness, has to go into “no stress” mode for 12 years of her life. Enter Swifty the elephant.

When Elephants Fly is amazing. The author did so much research into mental illness, and it shines through every page. I left this book an emotional wreck and with new thoughts to ponder. READ IT!!!

*yes I know I did in fact say that I read and loved a contemporary. I’m shocked too.

This is actually a sort of…memoir in a way? It’s based on a true story and it is so powerful. It follows the kidnapping of the girls from Africa by the terrorist group Boko Haram from the perspective of one of the girls.

This was a tragic story. But it’s also so important to know and read. But besides that, the prose is poetic and uses several metaphors from African culture which I LOVED. This is so hard-hitting and extremely underrated.

My Review!

I mean, I flail about this all the time but’s generally underrated. Natalie is a plus-size fashion blogger who gets offered a scholarship to a palentology dig, which is her dream! And then things happen from there…

I’m ridiculously proud of myself because look at all of the contemporaries! Anyway, I’m sure by now y’all know why I love this book but summary: girls in STEM, plus-size rep, amazing character development, and an adorable romance. You have been convinced.

My Review!

This one is about a boy named Mark who, while playing video games one day,  sets his computer on fire.He then discovers he’s a Shadow (people with different abilities) and is imprisoned inside of a safe building called the ASH.

I really enjoyed this one, and I can tell that it’s setting up for great things! I’m also a total sucker for cool magic systems, which this one has. Honestly, this is really underrated.  

My Review!

Okay so…basically, there’s this town who drowned three girls a long time ago because they were apparently “witches”. Of course, now there’s a curse where three girls have their bodies possessed by the ghosts of the girls and then proceed to drown boys.

Honestly? This book has a (mostly) predictable plot, the romance is disappointing, and the characters aren’t anything special. But the flipping atmosphere. The author wrote this gorgeously, and brings the town, the dock, the lighthouse to life. You can taste the salt on the air, feel the moonlight on your skin. And I WAS surprised by the ending!

So that’s it! Tell me your favorite underrated books, and whether you’ve read any of these!

22 thoughts on “Best UNDER THE RADAR Books Published in 2018!

  1. Great post! I think it’s soooo important to read books that aren’t super hyped because it leaves for a more interesting experience – and of course you may always make a very pleasant discovery! and howwww have you managed to post daily, Kaya? thats amazing!

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  2. OMG this is so much contemporary!! I don’t know if I’ve seen so much in one place on your blog before??? Like what is this??? I feel like I’m in a whole other world. I’ve heard about Mammoth and The Wicked Deep, but the others are new to me. Thanks for sharing these under-appreciated gems!! I’m interested to learn more about the somewhat-memoir about Boko Haram.

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    1. Lol IKR! I don’t know how that happened?! But I’m glad you haven’t heard of all of them lol! I wasn’t sure how “under the radar” they actually were😂😂 Buried Beneath the Baobab tree is really good, and a pretty quick read! I’d love to see your thoughts on it!!

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  3. Definitely going to check out Mammoth. And, I’m a little shy about checking out When Elephants Fly since my father is schizo and for most of my life I had to fear him. I’ll be brave and check out the book. Thanks for the great review and suggestions!!

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