Possible Changes To The Blog???

Hi friends! I’ve been thinking for a while now, and bear with me because I’m hoping this sounds coherent, and makes some small bit of sense??? And please forgive me if this comes off as pretentious*, that’s not my intent.

*just call me Richard Gansey III

This is really tough to phrase but I’m going to try anyway: I feel like a lot of different entertainment mediums have really been lacking in diversity, such as books, movies, TV shows, video games, you name it. I think we can all agree with that! But I was recently thinking: I’m a female, mixed-race person. Maybe I can provide insight into certain things? And let marginalized consumers feel, I don’t know, less iso,lated? I hope that’s coming across the right way! So basically, here’s what I’m thinking:

  • Write some TV reviews, but with a focus on representation.
  • Same with movie reviews because we allllll need some big screen rep in our lives!
  • And since I DO play video games, as a girl, I think it’ll be fun to post some reviews and updates of that!
  • I’d also like to publish more book reviews, with a bigger emphasis on diversity, debut authors, and female characters.
  • Graphics aren’t my biggest priority right now, especially since I can’t afford as much, but I still want to do more!
  • And finally, I’d like to make this a little more personalized??? It’s surprisingly difficult to find the right balance between professional and fun??? And also I love questions mark??? And exclamation points!!!

So yeah! Those are my tentative plans for revamping! Please give me some feedback, and tell me your thoughts!

19 thoughts on “Possible Changes To The Blog???

  1. Sounds cool! I know you should consider what your readers’ opinions are at least somewhat, but basically – it’s your blog, do what you want to do with it and see what happens! You’ll never completely know whether it’s good for you or not until you try, and I think you should do just that 🙂

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  2. Write about what you love! Although my blog is 90% about books, I let myself write about video games or television whenever the fancy strikes. I’ve worried occasionally about not writing for my “audience,” but at the end of the day, it’s a personal blog to write about what you’re passionate about. So if you want to talk about representation in television, do it!

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  3. I think those are great ideas! I’d love to read about movies and tv shows! And with video games, I think it’ll be fun because I personally don’t like them but it would be great to hear from a girl playing since none of my girl friends plays any video games! Lol! So: yes to your ideas!

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  4. Love these plans so much! I’m also looking to hear from more ownvoice bloggers about their thoughts on certain representation. I’m so here for that! I’m a gamer too and there is so much male gamer stuff and not enough rep for us girl gamers so hells to the yes!!!

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  5. I’m always down for TV time chats! I mean it’s your blog, and if you’re passionate about something, readers will feel it through your writing and enjoy the content more so …. do it if that’s what you’re feeling! And more diversity??? A bad idea??? Said no one ever! 😀

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  6. Like others have said, blog about what feels right and fun for you! This is your space, don’t be afraid to make what you want of it, there’s no right or wrong way to go about it. When I first started years ago (before I stopped and came back again) I used to do a lot more reviews of movies and television. It was always my goal to do a variety, but these days I’m mostly reading so that’s what I’m talking about. You do you! 😀

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