bank it or bin it #2

We’re back, and it’s time to stare in terror at my Goodreads Want To Read shelf yet again! The incredible @vee_bookish created this fun idea!

The Shadowhunters Codex | Don’t get me wrong, I love Shadowhunters stuff. But I don’t have the time to read about the history, and the laws, and blah blah important worldbuilding stuff that’s also slightly irrelevant. So this is a bin for me!

Stars Above | Technically, I’ve read three of the short stories in this already. Actually, I’ve read the last story two or three times alone. But I want to do a full reread of this series, and read every short story! So I’m banking this for now.

This Savage Song | Oh yeah, here’s the first book to that random sequel I had added and then removed from my TBR last week. A boy who can steal souls with music, and a girl who is an heir to a ruthless empire. I’m going to be banking this one!

Dreamfall | It’s such a shame that this premise sounds so dang good. This follows a group of teenagers who are plunged into a shared dreamworld and forced to face their greatest nightmares after an experiment goes horribly wrong. I love the idea of this one, but it’s been on my Want To Read shelf for four years. FOUR. I’m going to bin it although I gotta say, the sequel’s cover matching so perfectly is really cool.

Snow Like Ashes | I’m more torn than I should be. This is an older YA book, which means it will probably fall into several dreaded tropes. But it also follows a girl who’s part of the Kingdom of Winter which has fallen and she’s in love with Winter’s future king and I’m thinking that there will be kingdoms made up of different seasons. I’ll tentatively keep this one banked for now, but if I don’t read it soon there will be consequences.

So overall, that’s two banks, two bins, and whatever the heck Stars Above is considering that I’m technically in the middle of reading it. Tell me: do you agree with my choices? Should I change my mind on any of them?

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