Tag Tuesday: Authors from P-T! // warning: much rambling and fangirling

Hi friends! I’m super excited to do another Top 5 Tuesday, hosted as always by Shanah @ Bionic Bookworm! This time we’re doing authors from P-T!


I ADORED Geekerella by Ashley Poston the first time I read it! Unfortunately, because I’m really messed-up, I haven’t read any of her other books yet. I want to soon though, because this was just an adorable mix of geekery and cuteness and feels. I’m sure Poston did just as well with the others!


Sadly, I have nothing for Q. Q is such an unloved letter in the English language, it needs a hug.


Rick Riordan basically determined my reading future. I’m not being even slightly dramatic*. When a librarian recommended eight-year old me Percy Jackson, I was hesitant but I picked it up. And promptly binge-read the entire series. After that, I was willing to try almost anything! I really want to read all of his books at some point, because his humor? Legendary. And I’m pretty sure he started the whole mythology in books craze, because he made it so appealing. Anyways, that’s enough Riordan fangirling for now hehe. Especially before I start ranting about my old crush on Percy Jackson. Yeah, because that’s not embarrassing at all.

*for once


I WANT TO READ MORE SANDERSON. He’s so good at plotting plots and characterizing characters*, ya know? No, he actually is an amazing author. His worlds and magic systems are always so complex, and clearly thought-through. And I never, ever see where his plots are going to go. Like, if he wrote an actual mystery? It would be over for my one brain cell by the end of the first page. ANYWAYS, I’d highly recommend the Mistborn trilogy especially! If you need further proof, why, simply look here.

*in fact, i’d go so far as to say that he’s nearly as good as me writing words. nearly.

T (and yes, i couldn’t for the LIFE of me pick just one)

Sabaa Tahir is BRUTAL FANTASY HAHA PLOT TWIST. That is why I greatly admire and respect her. Actually, she’s a really cool person, and her books are amazing too. In my opinion, they’re YA gold and ought to be treated as such. I’m so ready to have my heart broken by A Sky Without Storms!! On the other hand, I’ve only read one book by Laini Taylor but holy crap. Her writing is basically twilight magic. She’s easily one of the best writers I’ve ever read from, and the world she built in Strange The Dreamer is *ahem* perfection. Everything is perfection.

That’s it! I got a little too carried away, didn’t I? Hehe, I promise next week’s won’t be so long! Tell me: do YOU have an author from any of these letters that you love? Or have you read any of these books?

14 thoughts on “Tag Tuesday: Authors from P-T! // warning: much rambling and fangirling

  1. Sabaa Tahir is perfection! I can’t wait for the final book! I’m sure I’ll be crying through the whole thing, haha.

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