That Was So Freaking Epic |Series Review: Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson

Hi friends! Quick warning: you are about to enter a dangerous zone filled with horrors and dreams beyond your wildest imagination: my mind. Proceed at your own risk!



I’m sorry but I just couldn’t resist the title. What did Brandon Sanderson sacrifice to get such good plot twisty skills cuz let me tell you, I’ll double it (unless it’s cookie dough. I ain’t giving up my cookie dough for nothing). Anyway, shall we begin my incoherent ramblings before I get even more distracted?

Do You Want To Tell Us What This Series Is About?








Okay, Well, Can You Give Me Three Words To Describe The First Book?

Epic, original, shocking.

How About Three Sentences?

A young thief named Vin gets recruited by a “criminal” named Kelsier to overthrow this evil guy called the Lord Ruler with the help of a quirky crew. Also, they’re both Mistborn, so they basically swallow metal, burn it in their stomachs, and voila – power! Let’s also mention the fact that the good side already tried and failed…


Alright, Now We’re Getting Somewhere! How Does It Measure Up To The Hype?

Eh. Depends on who you are and where you start. Personally, it took me at least half the book to be fully immersed in the characters, world, and plot. And that goes for all three books! However, I will most likely reread this when I’m older because let’s be real: going from YA books to a fantasy like this isn’t exactly the best way to enjoy the series.


Is It Complicated, Then? What About The Magic System?

Not really. Brandon Sanderson actually does a fantastic job of introducing you to everything without falling into the bottomless pit of info-dumping. Also, he not only lists the metals and what they do in the back of the book but he also has a summary of the previous book. Take a hint, authors!

But also this world. Like, the politics and religions and history seems so overwhelming but you naturally learn it all and so easily it’s insane. Or genius. Or both.


But The Plot Can’t Be That Great, Can It?

Thing is, Brandon Sanderson is a genius. He plants literally the most obvious foreshadowing yet no one sees it. With the careful hand of an expert chessmaster, he sets everything up so in the last, oh, 100 pages of any of the books you are dead. Dead from the reveals and shock and the face-palming so hard you leave a dent in your forehead.


Huh. This All Sounds Great But I Can’t Read A Book With Boring Characters…

And you won’t. Vin, Kelsier, Elend, Sazed – you learn so much about each person and watch their struggles and their growth. That’s what I love about them, that everyone is three-dimensional!


Okay, I Think I Understand Now. So Would You Recommend This?

I would! It was defintely hard for me considering that I didn’t fly through them like I do with YA but I think the payoff is worth it, in the end.

The Final Empire is a great first book but after reading the others, you truly do realize how narrow this installment actually is. Although it’s (arguably) the funniest one! Also gotta admit how much I enjoyed the planning process. And whew, that last 20%…

The Well of Ascension is long. Long, a bit more complicated than the first, and definitely broader. It covers such a wide range of topics and here is where we truly start seeing the depth Sanderson has built in this world. AGAIN, MIND BLOWING!

The Hero of Ages is probably my favorite of them all. Here is where Sanderson takes all the brilliant pieces he’s set up, the hidden clues he’s left us, the subtly obvious foreshadowing he’s scattered and brings it together. And can we just take a moment and die over that ending? I am in shock and will forever be (can someone please send brownies?)


Last Thoughts?

I’m hungry.


*sigh* Relating To The Book?

I’ve never read a book series so deftly woven quite like this one. It’s a long series to pull through but in the end, it’s totally worth it! I seriously won’t say anything more because this is an adventure you’ll just have to experience for yourself.

Thanks for reading this review, and comment down below: have you read this series? Do you want to? Have you read any other Sanderson books? What are y’all currently reading? Can’t wait to hear from you, au revoir!

9 thoughts on “That Was So Freaking Epic |Series Review: Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson

  1. I love this review haha! I’ve been dying to check out some of his work. I keep saying I’ll start with this series, but I already own the 3 books out so far in the Stormlight series, so I’m not sure if I want to read those first or just go ahead and buy these!

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  2. Wow…don’t mind how I just come in two years later, but I just have to stop by and say I really enjoyed reading your review! One of my friends is a huge Sanderson and Mistborn fan, so I placed a hold on it at my library. This review made me even more excited to read!! Love the way you structured it LOL. I’ve heard great things about the magic system, and if a book is really original, I’m THERE. And WOW those covers look epic…again, lovely review and I hope you’ve found more people to scream about Mistborn with 😉

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