literally just me taking the “Which Character From The Raven Cycle Are You” quiz and being snarky

Hi friends! I’m super hyped up on caffeine right now (which I don’t normally have) and I’m kind of sleep-drunk, so what better time than to write a blog post! I’m literally just taking the Which Raven Cycle Character are you quiz on Buzzfeed, which you can also take here.

Choose A Form of Divination

I have no idea what half of these are, so it’s Google time! Brb.

Can I choose all of them and become an all-powerful sorcerer sworn to protect the world from evil? Pretty sure I’d be more useful than Captain Marvel in Endgame. *ahem*. I’m going with psychometry because I really want to pick up someone’s phone and know their entire life story. And passwords.

Choose A Raven!

The one on the bottom right is terrifying me. Clearly, it is a Ronan. I actually like the one on the top left because it’s so regal! And proud! And has the self-confidence I do not possess! So I’ll go with that one.

Save myself duh. No, I’d actually probably act on instinct, rush in to save them, and then proceed to sacrifice myself to protect them. Where’s that option Buzzfeed?! Well whatever, I guess I’ll go with acting on instinct.

Choose An Edgar Allen Poe Work

Guess who hasn’t read any of these and is totally judging based off of title alone!!!!!! Fairy-Land sounds magical and reminds me of Tinkerbell* so that is my final choice!

*yo does anyone else remember that Pixie Hollow world game on the Disney website??? I always wanted to buy a premium membership but my smart parents wouldn’t let me

Um…why would you nap on a Saturday night??? Why don’t you just sleep??? Or better yet, stay up and shout HAPPY NEW YEAR at midnight and confuse everyone in your vicinity. But I suppose staying at home reading is the next best option.

Pick A Painting

My eyes are drawn to the one on the left. But I really want the one in the top middle because it strikes my fancy. The one on the bottom right is disturbing. THIS IS THE HARDEST DECISION YET. I guess I’ll go with the bottom left painting although that city is calling me.

And the results are…drum roll…please…

this puppy is the cutest thing ever I want

I…don’t know how accurate this is. Um…okay then results. Buzzfeed, I thought you were the wiser than this. I trusted you. If you took this quiz, tell me what you got! And I apologize for the randomness of this post, I promise I’ll be back to normal soon and won’t do this again haha. Have a lovely day of reading friends!

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