Yona of the Dawn Vol. 1 Manga Review! | Princesses, Love and Betrayal?!

Hi friends! One thing I’ve decided to make a priority for the rest of 2019 is to read more manga and graphic novels! Even though this is only the first volume, I have quite a bit to say haha.

Basically, a princess (a rather spoiled one if I do say so myself) reunites with her cousin who’s she had a crush on for forever (yes I do in fact think that that’s more than a little weird) and she wants to confess her feelings but her father doesn’t want her to marry him. Little does she know, that this is only the calm before the storm. When a tragic event takes place and she must flee the palace, Yona must decide whether or not to take back her kingdom!

THIS WAS SO GOOD. I’ve actually seen the first episode of the anime before, so it was interesting going in already having certain scenes playing out in my head. I definitely felt far more attached to the characters while reading this though!

✨ It was rather humorous? Look, I’m not very experienced in the manga world so I wasn’t sure what to expect, especially from a fantasy. But the personalities of the characters just totally bounced off of one another! The drama had me LOL-ing* the entire way through this story!

*that was cringy and most definitely not a word i’m never doing that again

✨I’M THINKING THIS MIGHT BECOME FRIENDS-TO-LOVERS. With all the lovely banter and jokes and dramatic glares that go along with it. This is really only the set-up but I think it did a great job showing the relationships and personalities of all the characters! Hak cracks me up, I already love him.

✨Speaking of set-up, you can tell this is set-up for a grand, sprawling fantasy story but this volume isn’t boring at all? At first I was laughing and becoming attached to these characters* and then as time went on, my jaw dropped. I closed the book shocked, even though I knew what would happen at the end because anime, and just stared at the wall. It’s so good to experience a story in different mediums and I think having witnessed it in both color/TV form and black-and-white/illustrated form made all the plot twists hit harder. I was never bored reading this, and always interested to find out what would happen next!

*far quicker than i want to admit. i have no standards

✨The author not only wrote this book but illustrated the gorgeous artwork herself.

we stan talent in this house.

She had cute little columns on the side occasionally, talking about how grateful she was for the opportunity to write Yona and her favorite foods. There were only a few, and while I can see how this might take away from the story for some people, I adored this addition. It made me smile, and feel connected to the author in a way that’s very rare in books. You can also see her love of Japanese culture, and the ways it influenced this manga (even though it was only a little bit, considering that this is just the first volume). It made me so dang happy!!!

❄️Yona herself was really annoying. She actually reminded me of young Clary Fray, considering that they’re both 15, red-headed, and ridiculously self-centered. But I will say that as much as Yona annoyed me, I could also see that she’s going to have an incredible character arc down the road. So I’m excited to see how the author does that!

❄️We don’t really get very much information on this world, the people, or the kingdom. It makes sense, but it still leaves me yearning to understand at least a little bit!

And I guess that’s it! You can order this on Amazon or add it to Goodreads. Tell me if you’ve read this manga or seen the anime! Also, drop your favorite manga recs below!

11 thoughts on “Yona of the Dawn Vol. 1 Manga Review! | Princesses, Love and Betrayal?!

  1. I don’t read magna (last one I read was Warrior Cats… :/) but I’m really excited to read the new Loki comic that came out last month! I’m going to buy it once I write a draft of my book so it might be a while. You should read it though- it looks REALLY good.

    Also the OG spiderman comics are HILARIOUS. One included him crying because he was called a bookworm. (I have that scene hung on my wall, actually)

    I’m literally just going to suggest Marvel comics.

    Anyway, I should try reading magna sometime!

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    1. I’ve never read a comic before, but I LOVE Loki!! I’ll have to check that one out soon!

      Oh my gosh that sounds AMAZING. I’m already laughing😂😂 and Spider-Man is my favorite superhero right now so that’s even better.

      I’m totally going to pick up some comics next time I go to the library, thank you for the recs!💜 and you should, if you want to!

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  2. I love this series so much Kaya! I’ve never watching the anime but I can see why it would give you a hankering for more Yona. The first volume totally centered on introducing the characters and I loved that too. I was totally wowed by Hak as well. lol I’m not sure there is a reader who isn’t! Never fear though you get a lot more of the world in the volumes to come… and you are so right about Yona’s arc… ❤️

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  3. Yona of the Dawn is a really fun series and it just gets better as it goes! Yona grows a lot as the series progresses, which is great to see.

    As for other manga series recommendations, I really like Fruits Basket (combines romance, drama, comedy and supernatural elements) and Orange (teen drama with a cool time travel element).

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