Currently Reading!!!

Hi friends! I’m super excited to share what I’m currently reading* since it’s been a hot second since I updated y’all.

*and not just because I’m actually reading a real book for once in my life

One of my IRL friends (I know, I’m surprised I have them too) lent me this book. Or, more accurately…threw it at my face screeching “READ IT!” Anyways, this book is supposedly a supernatural mystery mixture of Sherlock and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Also, this cover is decidedly intriguing? I’m not particularly far in but it’s pretty good so far!!! I’m guessing 4/5 stars will be my final rating.

Yes, friends. I am in fact reading my first Victoria Schwab book ever. I’m at page 278 and um…idk what to say. It’s rather different from what I was expecting but not in an entirely bad way??? I feel like I can’t give my complete/cohesive/eithersuperrantyorfangirly thoughts until I’m finished but I’m projecting this to be 4/5 star read as well!

So those are the books I’m actively reading right now! Technically, I’m in the middle of other ones but between school and life, I’m waiting until summer to properly read those. Talk to me! What are your currently reading??? Have you read either of these???

21 thoughts on “Currently Reading!!!

  1. Oh I’m so happy you’re reading Schwab!! If you don’t end up loving Vicious, you should definitely give her Shades of Magic trilogy a try because it is SO GOOD. I liked it much more than Vicious! Hope you’ve been having a good month so far😊

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  2. Noice! I heard one of my trusted bloggers say that Jackaby is a fun series to read, although for Vicious, it’s a mixed bag. (Like, apparently the character motivations aren’t totally well fleshed out?) I have yet to read either one of them, so I’m glad they’re going well for you so far. You picked some pretty well-known ones, and I’d be curious to hear your reviews on them! 👍

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