WWW Wednesday! // small town horror, a classic retelling, and dark academia!

It’s Wednesday guys! And on Wednesdays, we wear pink (and occasionally do WWW Wednesday but that’s different). WWW Wednesday is hosted by Taking on a World of Words. what are you currently reading? I’m honestly obsessed with so many of Wednesday Books’s releases, and I’m excited for the opportunity to read Wake The Bones early. So far, I have no idea what’s going on! Yay me! From what I can tell, this follows a girl named Laurel Early who has a strange ability to discern the exact manner of death from bones. For example, if a mouse dies by getting eaten … Continue reading WWW Wednesday! // small town horror, a classic retelling, and dark academia!

a reading update/may tbr :)

Today’s post is a reading update because I did not get a WWW Wednesday post out in time this week. And I’m so behind on reviews, I think it’s beneficial to at least mention some of what I’ve been reading! recently read: I just finished this YA contemporary story about a homeschooled math genius who goes to Shakespeare camp in order to fulfill a list…so her parents will let her go to her dream school. You wanna know what this book contains? Let me give you a list: SO MANY SHAKESPEARE QUOTES. Oh, to be in love with someone who … Continue reading a reading update/may tbr 🙂

WWW Wednesday!

You know, guessing which weekly meme I’ll participate in depending on my mood could be a game all by itself. Anyways, WWW Wednesday is hosted by Taking On A World Of Words! What are you currently reading? I’m buddy reading this with Andge from Down the Rabbit Hole just in time for Our Violet Ends to come out. It’s really good so far but I’m silently praying that I’ll fall absolutely in love with it by the end. What did you last finish reading? This book! You guys! I literally cannot express how stressed I was reading this one. It … Continue reading WWW Wednesday!

Currently Reading!!!

Hi friends! I’m super excited to share what I’m currently reading* since it’s been a hot second since I updated y’all. *and not just because I’m actually reading a real book for once in my life One of my IRL friends (I know, I’m surprised I have them too) lent me this book. Or, more accurately…threw it at my face screeching “READ IT!” Anyways, this book is supposedly a supernatural mystery mixture of Sherlock and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Also, this cover is decidedly intriguing? I’m not particularly far in but it’s pretty good so far!!! I’m guessing 4/5 stars … Continue reading Currently Reading!!!

Currently Reading Part 2! | I quit TBRs

Hi friends! It is time for part two of my currently reading posts, because if you’ve seen my Goodreads you probably think I’ve lost it*. I cannot stop starting books but if you’re expecting me to get more than halfway through, I’m sorry to say you might be disappointed. I truly failed my imaginary TBR. *you’re not wrong Descendant of the Crane by Joan He | I’m so thankful to be on the street team for this! And lemme tell you: this is crazy good so far. Fantasy often ignores so many of the inner-workings of the world but Joan seriously has the BEST world-building … Continue reading Currently Reading Part 2! | I quit TBRs

Currently Reading Pt 1: SO MANY BOOOOOKS

Hi friends! I’m with a currently reading post because I’m literally in the middle of a million books right now. And I can’t stop picking up new ones? I NEED HELP. Literally, I’m reading NINE books right now which were way too many to stuff into one long post so here’s a part 1 and part 2 will come around. Eventually. So let us begin this record of my failures as a bookworm! Born Again by Charles Coulson | I’m reading this for school (when am I not reading for school) and I’m kinda enjoying it? When it’s not all … Continue reading Currently Reading Pt 1: SO MANY BOOOOOKS