Currently Reading!!!

Hi friends! I’m super excited to share what I’m currently reading* since it’s been a hot second since I updated y’all. *and not just because I’m actually reading a real book for once in my life One of my IRL friends (I know, I’m surprised I have them too) lent me this book. Or, more accurately…threw it at my face screeching “READ IT!” Anyways, this book is supposedly a supernatural mystery mixture of Sherlock and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Also, this cover is decidedly intriguing? I’m not particularly far in but it’s pretty good so far!!! I’m guessing 4/5 stars … Continue reading Currently Reading!!!

Currently Reading Part 2! | I quit TBRs

Hi friends! It is time for part two of my currently reading posts, because if you’ve seen my Goodreads you probably think I’ve lost it*. I cannot stop starting books but if you’re expecting me to get more than halfway through, I’m sorry to say you might be disappointed. I truly failed my imaginary TBR. *you’re not wrong Descendant of the Crane by Joan He | I’m so thankful to be on the street team for this! And lemme tell you: this is crazy good so far. Fantasy often ignores so many of the inner-workings of the world but Joan seriously has the BEST world-building … Continue reading Currently Reading Part 2! | I quit TBRs

Currently Reading Pt 1: SO MANY BOOOOOKS

Hi friends! I’m with a currently reading post because I’m literally in the middle of a million books right now. And I can’t stop picking up new ones? I NEED HELP. Literally, I’m reading NINE books right now which were way too many to stuff into one long post so here’s a part 1 and part 2 will come around. Eventually. So let us begin this record of my failures as a bookworm! Born Again by Charles Coulson | I’m reading this for school (when am I not reading for school) and I’m kinda enjoying it? When it’s not all … Continue reading Currently Reading Pt 1: SO MANY BOOOOOKS

Currently Reading

Hi friends! I figured I’d give you guys a quick update on everything I’ve been reading lately and my current thoughts about the books!   City of Heavenly Fire You know what guys, almost a year after I originally read City of Bones, I’ve reached the finish line. CAN SOMEONE SCREAM IN MY FACE but don’t because my reflexes will  say “slap” and I have no control over my reflexes. Right now City of Heavenly Fire is a big, fat 5/5 stars. Also after hearing TDA stuff I was shocked to see stuff releating to that series in this book??? Like, I … Continue reading Currently Reading