Questions I Have For You Guys: Pt. 1!

Hi friends! Today, I wanted to make a really interactive post and ask you guys some of the questions pressing down on my mind! If that makes sense! Because I can’t English!

But seriously, I’ve been attempting this blogging thing for about four months now and they’ve been some of the best four months of my life. The book blogging community is so welcoming and helpful and sweet and supportive and


If I had the money, I’d host a giveaway but I sadly can’t right now. So I figured I’d do a Q+A instead but with me asking you the questions!

1. How do you guys tab your books?

2. Do you have a Goodreads Goal?

3. Do you use spreadsheets?

4. What kind of content do you most like seeing from me or would like to see?

5. And literally any tips about ARCS I know next to nothing LOL

6. Anything else you’d like to share!

So yeah! I know this is short but I was curious about some things and wanted to ask you guys first! Catch ya later, au revoir!

42 thoughts on “Questions I Have For You Guys: Pt. 1!

  1. LOL I basically have these exact same questions!! I know nothing about ARCs!
    But I really like a variety of posts on a blog – you’re doing great 🙂
    Sorry this wasn’t really that helpful! 😛

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  2. What you’ve been blogging for only 4 months?!! I thought you were doing it for ages! 😂😂 Shows you’re a born pro! IM SO GLAD YOU’RE LOVING IT. yes, this blog, amongst books and youtube, is what keeps me sane amongst the crush of exams. all that matters is a few people read it, and it always means so much when they do!

    1. I dont. Lol. My TBR posts are literally not even TBR posts but me moaning and wailing about how I’d love to read these books but… ha. as if I’m allowed to choose what I want to read. my brain is constantly playing games with me and my interests.

    2. Yes!! it’s gone up and down and down and up this whole year because I didn’t want to set one I wouldn’t complete… I started with 100 books but then I eventually knocked it down to 70 because EXAMS. I’m not sure what my 2019 goal will be… whether I should lower it or not.

    3. what do you mean spreadsheets?? I use it for my work but for no pleasure lol

    4. Just book reviews to be honest!!! and I loved your “worth the hype” series, too!

    5. LOL I’m with you on that one.


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    1. Thank you so so much, that honestly means the world to me!!!❤❤ Blogging is such a safe place.

      LOL I can understand that! And honestly same😂😂

      AHH SAME! 100 was my original goal but then I knocked it to 75. I’m happy to hear that I’m not the only person who uses Goodreads goals!

      Lol! I do know some people use them for like reading stats and stuff but I have literally no clue how that works😂😂

      Thank you!! That’s really helpful feedback!!

      Hahaha hopefully we both grab some tips!

      Thank you!!! I love yours too, honest-to-goodness yours is the first blog I go to when I blog-hop!

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      1. You’re welcome!! 💞💞Tbh I don’t think it’s generally a safe place because in the end, it is the internet. But I think book blogging in particular is such a safe and pleasant space on the internet and one DEAR to me!!

        Lol yes, ikr! What I’ve never heard of that, interesting 😂 You’re welcome, I’m glad! Yes, hopefully!

        You’re welcome!!! Awww that means so much to me, Kaya!!

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  3. 1. I’ve been trying to figure out the best tabbing system myself. Right now I flag it it’s a review, and upcoming release, the genre (Sci-fi, YA etc.). I think I’m going to start tagging by series in case I end up reviewing multiple in the series over time.
    2. Heavens no I don’t have a Goodreads goal. I have enough pressure on myself to read quickly without adding another list. 😉
    3. I don’t use a spreadsheet for tracking any reads, but I have started using Google calendar to plan out my posts. I want to post at least one thing a day, so it let’s me see at a glance if I have a hole in my schedule I need to figure out.
    4. I’m always interested in seeing what people are excited about reading!
    5. I am actually relatively new to this book blogging thing myself so my personal experience is limited (except at SDCC – I have that scene on LOCKDOWN) but I actually stumbled onto an exhaustive post last night that I want to spend more time looking into:
    6. Anything else I want to share…I’m impressed you’ve only been doing this four months and I’m really enjoying my morning coffee!

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    1. That’s a really interesting method. Thank you for sharing!

      LOL I don’t blame you!! It IS quite a bit of pressure😂

      Oh! I never thought about that, that is really unique!!

      That’s really helpful, thank you for the feedback!

      Lol! Ooh, I’ll have to check that link out.

      Thank you! And LOL you get that caffeine!!

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  4. 1) I’m not sure what you mean by tab?
    2) Yep! I usually set it based on what I read the previous year, maybe upping it slightly. I set this year’s goal to be 100 books but then wound up changing it to 120 and now I’ve read over 140 books somehow… O.o
    3) Yessss, I love spreadsheets. I keep a few of them – one for my ‘ongoing series’ one for my overall reading tracker throughout the year. Goodreads is useful for keeping track but I like to track a bunch of stats on my reading that you can’t really do on goodreads. At the end of the year I’ll go through all my reading stats and make a post with charts and graphs and stuff. I’ve done this the two previous years and it’s pretty interesting to see your reading habits laid out like that.
    4) I just love talking about books of course, lol. I do enjoy it when bloggers do discussion posts as well because they’re more naturally interactive.
    5) I’m not a master of getting ARC’s but I am on netgalley so you should sign up for that if you haven’t already. I’ve found that it helps to have your bio bullet-pointed instead of large paragraphs. Also be sure to read each individual publishers preferences before requesting.
    6) Love your blog, just keep doing you. 🙂

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    1. I was thinking like do you flag certain passages in books? Hahaha I could definitely have been more clear!

      Oh my gosh, congrats!! That’s an awesome amount of books!!

      I’ve been thinking about trying that out and your recommendation for it makes me want to make some! Thank you!

      Ooh yes!

      Oh, I forgot about netgalley!

      Thank you so so much!! Yours is amazing too, I always smile seeing how much you love fantasy!!

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  5. 1. (If by tab you mean put tabs in books to mark pages) I would tab my books but I usually forget and I want to use pretty tabs which I never buy. PLUS I like the challenge of trying to remember page numbers of my favourite scenes. It brings out the nerdy side of me XD
    2. Yes! I just completed my GR goal of 60 books!
    3. I can’t excel. So nope!
    4. I like everything! Keep up the great work!
    5. Ohhhhh ARCs. Try your best to keep calm when requesting cuz you might just find yourself piled with books you don’t really want to read!
    6. I am currently procrastinating from writing an essay 😉

    Great questions!!

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  6. 1. How do you guys tab your books? I actually do not! I’m so intensely clean in my books that I can’t damage whatsoever.
    2. Do you have a Goodreads Goal? Yes! I am in constant competition with it, because I somehow think it’s a person???
    3. Do you use spreadsheets? I’ve been using a lot more of them lately, and I find them quite good. I think I need to use more.
    4. What kind of content do you most like seeing from me or would like to see? Honestly anything! I enjoy the content you come up with.
    5. And literally any tips about ARCS I know next to nothing LOL I have some knowledge. What were you looking for specifically – digital or physical? 🙂 both?
    6. Anything else you’d like to share! This was a great post. ❤

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    1. Really?? That’s so interesting! I totally get it haha I’m similar😂😂

      Lol SAME!!

      Oh! That’s really interesting, I’ve been considering them for a while now.

      Thank you for your feedback!!😄

      Probably physical?

      Thank you so so much!!❤️❤️❤️

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      1. Okay, for physical ARCs, there are two main ways to get them. Pubs will either have specific email addresses that you should email with the request or they have Google docs/forums that you just fill out your information (name, address, stats, and then you click off the books you would like). It varies between pubs to pubs. Like, Fierce Reads and Penguin Teen have the Google docs/forums, while Disney and Little Brown have general email addresses to send an email request, too. You’ll find a lot of them on the contact us/publicity pages on the publisher’s website.

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      2. You know, sometimes it varies. I’ve gotten ARCs during lower amounts and higher amounts. I think pubs are usually just looking to the likelihood that you’ll like it, a variety of places that you’ll review it (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Twitter, Insta, Goodreads), and if you can connect with it in a different way. I think they’re trying to vary it up more but it used to be a numbers game. I do notice that sometimes it’s easier if you can actually get a direct publicist. Sometimes if you go to the author’s website, they’ll put down the direct publicist’s email address and I’ve found better success with that.

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  7. Happy 4 months!! You’re doing so well and it honestly feels like you’ve been blogging forever? 😀

    1. If I’m on ebooks, I just highlight the heck out of passages and make notes on them. And I use different colours for characters, worldbuilding, themes, etc. With physical books, it’s the same . But sometimes it’s such a hassle taking the tabs off when I finish the book, so I just leave them!

    2.Yup! I usually start with like 20 books at the beginning of the year and then gradually increase it by like 20. That way I get the “congrats” notifications and feel good about myself… XD

    3. Ahahahaha nope! I am the worst planner to have ever planned. 😛

    4. Anything! Everything! But I really love seeing your answers for tags. 😀

    5. This is one I told someone last week! If you’re on and see that some books are flagged as “wish for it”, try seeing if they’re available from! I’ve requested 4 books so far from the the UK site and got approved for them, so the publishers don’t really seem to care where your region is. 🙂

    6. You’re super sweet and funny and your posts brighten my day! ❤

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    1. Thank you so much!!❤️❤️

      That’s really interesting!! I never thought of doing it like that!

      That’s really clever, I might have to steal your idea😂😜


      Thank you for your feedback!!

      Wait really??? I had no idea, thank you for the tip!!

      And thank you so so much, that means a lot to me❤️❤️❤️ And yours do too, your personality really shines through every post you write!


  8. AHHH we love you tooo Kaya!! You’ve done so much in four months. You should be giving yourself many pats on the back.

    1. I save my page either by memory (I’m usually quite good at it) or with a bookmark. At this point, I’ve wracked up a nice collection from the free ones bookstores give out to the lost ones I find in library books.

    2. Goodreads goal like books I want to read by the end of the year? I set one when I signed up (since I only just did this year) aannd I kind of just threw a number out there. Which I have already surpassed by 43. Oops. I don’t really like the concept though, I like to read when I like to read, not because I have a goal floating over my head.

    3. Yesss yess alll the spreadsheets. Mandy and I could not run BPR without spreadsheets. We have ones to show who requested which ARCs, so we don’t overlap. We have sheets to show who is posting when, and what reviews we still need to finish. Spreadsheets save our butts!

    4. My fave posts from you are your tags and discussions posts, because you can really show your personality (which I love) and chat about what you like/dislike about books and reading. I also love your reviews because you get straight to the point and we share a lot of the same perspectives when it comes to books.

    5. Uhhh, I am not good for ARC tips! I’m still learning!! My best tip would be not to recommend more than you’re ready for. (About NetGalley >>) Assume you’re going to receive everything you request (even if likely, you won’t) so you don’t go requesting too much, or a book you’re kind of meh on — and then you get it and don’t really want to read anymore. Also, too often the ARC is granted close to pub date and you’re like….. how do I finish in time now?? So being cautious is always safest. On NetGalley you WANT a high rating of books reviewed VS not, so not reviewing something because you ran out of time or didn’t like it can really hurt you. Mandy has a bunch of ARC tips (for egalleys and physical copies), talk to her if you want to know more. 🙂

    6. Um. I don’t like open-ended questions. My choice? When is it my choice?? O: Make sure to keep content you like on your blog, because blogging should always make you happy.

    Happy four months!! To many more 😀

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    1. Oh my stars thank you so much!! That means the world to me!!

      You must have an amazing memory then, haha! Bookmarks are awesome.

      That’s a great perspective! I know some people love it and others don’t, so it’s so interesting to see where you fall on the spectrum.

      Really??? I was considering doing that but now I’m really interested! It sounds very organized which is nice.

      Thank you so much! I try to be straightforward with reviews, I’m happy it’s working XD

      Those are great tips!! Thank you!!

      And LOL I’m the same way!! Thank you so so much😄❤️❤️❤️


      1. I can only remember the page number sometimes, but I always remember how far into the book I was (1/3 or halfway) and the scene, so I just flip open and speed skim for the words. 😀 Works for all the times I forget a bookmark!

        Do you have any reading goals? It’s for sure something that a person can weigh either side on.

        Yeees, if you’re someone who posts more more than once a week, spreadsheets are v useful. Even just a document where you write down what is happening when, doesn’t have to be a fancy Excel page.

        It’s working perfectly!! I definitely doubt myself with honesty sometimes (how much is too much, ex) but when I read reviews that is the first thing I look for: someone who sounds authentic.

        You’re welcome!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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      2. Ahhh congrats on reaching your goal!! Planning on going even higher next year, then? I remember when I was in high school I randomly decided to read 500 books in a year (yeah, I did not actually think very hard about the number). But the best part was everyone who heard supported it. Support is really where it’s at.

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