Tag Tuesday | Tropes I Despise…

Hi friends! Tag Tuesday is here again, and we’re here to discuss tropes I hate. The inner Slytherin in me has never been so happy.

 This is hosted by the incredible blogger Shanah @ Bionic Bookworm, so definitely go check her and her fantastic blog out!!


My possibly most hated trope. Look, I don’t mind it as much in books such as The Sun Is Also A Star because FEELS AND DEEP THOUGHTS. However, when people lock eyes across a room and think “man they’re cuteeee” and then two days later are exchanging vows and pledging their undying lust (er…love) for each other, I have the urge to cry, die, and/or throw up. THE HATE IS REAL.

Boring Bad Guys

This is an actual crime. I love villains, and I love to hate villains, but how can I possibly hate one who’s as bland as a rice cake? How can I possibly secretly root for the ones who have obvious, cliche plans and are really only doing this because they must follow their hearts. I also hate it when entire governments are the enemy. It bores me. CAN I JUST HAVE ENDLESS JACK’S AND MAVEN’S PLEASE???

“Feminist” Characters

I LOVE awesome girl characters. But I DESPISE it when every female character ever is sassy, doesn’t want to get married, and is good at everything? There’s nothing wrong with having a couple of characters like that but there is more to the gender than just that. An excellent example of defying this trope is the entire cast of characters in The Lunar Chronicles series by Marissa Meyer because each girl is different, but each have their own strengths. Does that make sense?

Random Diversity

For some strange reason, sometimes books boast diversity but are about as diverse as a glass of milk? There’s nothing worse than seeing a character and thinking “oh my stars they’re LIKE ME” and they’re (a) annoying, (b) not represented well, or (c) dead*. So let’s not do this anymore, okay?

*unless they’re ghosts…I LOVE GHOSTS

the ruins of gorlan.jpg

Huge Jumps In Time

So this may not be exactly a trope but I really, really, really don’t love huge time jumps. In the Ranger’s Apprentice, for example, within the space of five books practically ten years pass. I CAN’T DEAL OKAY. For some reason, it ruins all character development, relationships, world-building, everything for me. Unless it’s done really well, and it’s not a super huge jump in time, I’m not fine with this not-trope.

So that’s it! Please tell me your least favorite tropes!! Catch ya later, au revoir!

35 thoughts on “Tag Tuesday | Tropes I Despise…

  1. Great choices, Kaya! These tropes are THE WORST tbh. Especially your fourth one. I hate it when I find ace characters and get excited only for them to always fit this logical, aloof, introverted, sometimes unkind mold. It’s the worst hearing “you’re here!” and then finding bad cookie cutter rep.

    Or yeah, the character is dead. 😡

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  2. I despise random diversity and “badass” tropes where the female character is doesn’t display emotions or vulnerability and is good at everything they touch even though it’s their first time doing it. Hahaha.

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  3. I do think that some diversity in books these days are all forced, sort of fanservice. AUthors know, readers love diversity so they put one or two diverse characters in their books even though they’re not really should be there originally, ending is they’re handled poorly. I hope author give the diverse characters the justice they deserve. 🙂

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