I Heart Characters |So Evil It Scares Me

Hi friends! I’m back with I Heart Characters, hosted by the incredible Dani @ Perspective of a Writer, and this week’s topic is all about TRULY SCARY CHARACTERS MWHAHAHAGGGG*. I’m excited (and terrified) to present to you:

*in order to be as honest as possible, I injected a cough at the end of the evil laugh, because I fail at being a villain.


The dreaded Commandment.

She terrifies me. What kind of monster…*proceeds to spoil entire Ember Quartet* DOES THAT???

She is genuinely the worst. But the worst part is, she’s human. Humanity can be so twisted, and the Commandment is one of the best examples of that. Well, her and Scythe Goddard but that’s a different story entirely!

So that’s today’s post! Which character terrifies you the most? Catch ya later, au revoir!

11 thoughts on “I Heart Characters |So Evil It Scares Me

  1. You are absolutely right with this. I HONESTLY DONT KNOW! But she’s also one of my favourite characters because she really interests me. and I feel like a reaper at the gates will supply a more personal aspect of her which I can’t wait to read about…

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  2. Hey Kaya! I totally don’t know Reaper at the Gates at all but from your and Ruqs comments I should!! I’m kinda dying of curiosity now… Sounds like you totally recommend this series. I’ll check it out for sure. Thanks for sharing her, we need powerful, complex female villains! 🎃

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