june wrap-up!

Hi friends! June was…a month, that’s for sure. I didn’t really read much or get a chance to do much blog-hopping, so this will sadly be a short post. But hey, at least it’s a post!

books i read

Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo was…hmmm. It was very the murder-mystery-dark-academia-with-a-touch-of-ghosts-set-amongst-Yale-secret-societies story that I’ve heard about but something about the execution of it just didn’t wow me. I’ll be going into more detail in my review (whenever that gets written…take a hint me) but this is currently 3/5 stars.

Violet Made of Thorns has one of the most beautiful covers ever made and I will die and haunt anyone who disagrees on that hill. This story is written like a fairytale and is full of court machinations, prophecies, a chaotic romance, and of course our morally-grey protagonist Violet. I really enjoyed this one, and ended up giving it 4/5 stars!

some favorite posts from this month!

Rachel wrote an absolutely incredible comparison of how Pride and Prejudice and modern YA books use the enemies to lovers trope.

Anoushka shared all about her WIP and it sounds AMAZING (also waffles??? YES PLEASE???)

Suhani did the Mid-Year Book Freak-Out Tag and it was just SO MUCH FUN to read! Also, Gansey is always a yes from me.

small soliloquy: tv edition

STRANGER THINGS 4 GOOD LORD. I spend the entirety of Jamie Campell Bower’s screentime trying to figure out if it was in fact him without googling it and honestly wow. The last episode made me cry and I want more episodes now thank you!

Also, finishing up Spy x Family and Severance have been complete opposite sides of the spectrum in terms of emotions but both were equally incredible.

So that’s it! Tell me: was your June?

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28 thoughts on “june wrap-up!

    1. YES omg I didn’t realize that they announced him, I’d probably have spent less time squinting at the screen🤣 the ending/reveal was INSANE. definitely one of my favorite moments of the show so far!! hope you’re having a wonderful july as well💜

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  1. So sorry you didn’t love Ninth house. I really enjoyed it but I know it may not be for everyone or dependent on mood.
    Also Jamie Campbell Bower! I haven’t watched Stranger Things (still stuck on season 1 🙈) but is it bad that I really loved his version of Jace in the movie version?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, I can totally see how you loved it!! I feel like all of the elements were there, it just didn’t “click”.
      YES! I have refused to watch the movie but honestly after stranger things i’m considering just going ahead and doing it just for him😅


  2. Noooo I’m sorry ninth house ended up being so disappointing 😭😭 but also. Ghosts???
    Jhdwjhwrwug Kaya you have NO RIGHT making me desperate for violet made of thorns like that!! Also yes completely agree that the cover is a MASTERPICE! You’re saved all the troubles murder would have led to AND ALSO POSSIBLE IMPRISONMENT, YOURE WELCOME


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  3. NOOO, I’m so sorry that ninth house wasn’t that great, it sounded so good!! And omg I NEED violet made of thorns ASAP- morally grey protagonists FOR THE WIN.


    Hope you have a FANTASTIC JULY!!

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  4. Great wrap-up, Kaya 🙂 I’ve had Ninth House on my TBR for ages. I remember being so excited before it came out and then I started hearing so many mixed and kind of harrowing reviews about the content and I was like hmm… maybe it’s not for me? 😂 But I’m still kind of curious too… If I do end up reading it, I’ll not go in with any expectations. I hope that you have a great July!

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    1. Thank you! SAME HERE this book is definitely a lot darker than Leigh Bardugo’s previous ones. I do hope that you love it if you read it, because I know lots of people do! Thank you, I hope that you have a lovely July as well💜


  5. I never knew I needed a book so much in my life until you described Violet Made of Thorns as a chaotic romance with prophecies and a morally-grey protagonist. It sounds like such an awesome read!

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