july book haul!! // used bookstores are the best

Hi friends! I’m super hyped to share my July Book Haul, because we finally went to the used bookstore near us called McKay’s! I managed to get six books for around $17, and they’re all decent quality so yay!

My Plain Jane by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, and Jodi Meadows | Somehow I found the signed Owlcrate version for only $3.50? I’ve been meaning to reread this one ever since I actually read the original Jane Eyre*, so this was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up!

*yeah i uh read this retrelling of jane eyre before ever reading jane eyre. not my best moment.

Stars Above by Marissa Meyer | And now you see: my Marissa Meyer collection is growing. Now I’m only missing the graphic novels! I was beyond excited to find a hardcover of this for so cheap!

The Last Magician by Lisa Maxwell | I’ve honestly heard the most fantastic things about this series! Although I don’t actually remember what it’s about! But I’m hoping I love it anyways.

New Moon and Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer | Well, they were both 99 cents…I figured that whenever I was in the mood for a trashy series I could read them? DON’T JUDGE ME.

Leonardo Davinci’s Notebook | This is in Korean, and so I’ve decided that hopefully I’ll be able to read it one day as I’m trying to learn Korean.

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20 thoughts on “july book haul!! // used bookstores are the best

  1. I get so hyped when I find good used books for a good price. Love seeing other people getting good deals, too! I want to collect the Lunar Chronicles series so I can reread it. Always keeping my eyes peeled at the used bookstores 👀

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