Tag Tuesday: Top 5 Characters F-J!

Hi friends! I’m super excited for today’s Top 5 Tuesday, hosted by Meeghan @ Meeghan Reads! I get to talk about my favorite characters so yay!


OKAYN SO THIS ISN’T A BOOK AND I USE THIS GIF A LOT. Five, heralding from the absolutely fantastic TV show The Umbrella Academy, is everything. He’s funny, dynamic, surprisingly violent but mostly only for his family, and is ever so complex. I love him.


I know I picked Blue last week but like, Gansey. How could I not pick him??? He’s literally one of my favorite characters! His passion for hunting a dead Welsh king is both admirable and hilarious.


Hypnos cracks me up. His sass and banter is quite literally everything. But he’s also so complex, and he just wants friends and ahhhh. Hypnos is such an underrated character.


Inej is an absolute queen. Her and Kaz just make me go ASDFGHJKL and her caring heart and insane ninja skills and AHHH. I am unintelligible.


JULIAN. One of my all-time favorite Slytherins. He just wants to take care of his family, while struggling with his feelings for Emma, and you’re just sitting there CRYING because he deserves the world. I love him, truly.

That’s it! Talk to me in the comments!

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22 thoughts on “Tag Tuesday: Top 5 Characters F-J!

  1. I chose gAnSeY too!!!! I agree, his obsession with a dead Welsh king was one of the little things that made him so loveable ❤ and his character made me get back into writing again, too, so i'll forever be grateful for that adorable angel and his boat shoes XD amazing post!!!

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  2. Ahhhh!! Five is amazing. Plus, he technically IS a book character, because The Umbrella Academy was a graphic novel series long before it was a TV show!! (Highly recommend by the way. Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance wrote the storyline, and I love everything he does!!)

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  3. Inej is my QUEEN! I love love LOVE her! She is a soft fierce ninja and I just anjdkndj I just love her SO MUCH! And her moments with Kaz???!!! I’m screaming!
    I also love Hypnos, but I think Zofia takes the cake for me…or maybe Laila or maybe Enrique…they’re my babies ❤

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