Tag Tuesday: Books As First Dates Tag!!

Hi friends! Top 5 Tuesday is taking a bit of a break, so I thought now would be the perfect time to catch up on book tags! I was tagged by the lovely Alice @ Love For Words, so thank you Alice!

First and Last: A book/series you’ve read and enjoyed, but can’t bring yourself to read again

I have a love/hate relationship with this series. I absolutely adored Red Queen the first time I read it. However, if I read it now, I feel like it would just be a mashup of a bunch of YA books. Also, the conclusion is genuinely a hot mess, like there’s no saving that one. War Storm actually almost ruined the entire series for me. So, I think I’ll pass this reread up.

With a Friend of my Friend: A book/series someone recommended to you that turned out to be different from what you had expected

I’d heard so much hype about this book! But it wasn’t quite what I thought it was…it’s actually difficult to articulate without spoiling. However, I think my main problem was that the length made everything feel a little off. Everything didn’t feel fully developed, so I didn’t get the full punch.

Double Date: A book whose sequel you immediately had to read

THIS BOOK. Literally, some of the best characters and plot twists ever. I was getting more and more invested until BAM! Cliffhanger ending. I needed the second book like some people need oxygen to breathe*.

*clearly i am not one of those people. haha mortals, i am a magical fairy.

Let’s Go to the Movies: A book/series that should be adapted to the screen

The Lunar Chronicles would make an AMAZING adaptation. Like, it’s the perfect mix of science fiction and real life, plus allll the banter from a diverse cast of characters. 10/10 would go see in theaters.

Dreamy Stargazing: A book that made you go ahhhh and ohhhh.

Strange is…indescribable. That’s probably why the synopsis is so vague tbh. It’s a dreamscape, created of vivid prose and surreal characters. The entire time I was reading this, I was lost in a sea of just pure writing glory.

Amusement park adventure: A book that was a rollercoaster

This book. I literally never stop talking about it, but what a ride. The political machinations, the plot twists, the ROMANCE. I zoomed straight through this book in two days and I’ve been riding that rollercoaster high ever since.

Picnic with cherries: A book whose food descriptions made you feel all *heart eyes*

I got inspired to cook for a solid two weeks after reading this book. That’s how inspirational it was. And the descriptions of food made it seem almost…magical. Heart eyes galore.

Trip to the museum: A book that taught you valuable stuff

This is a book I definitely don’t talk about enough. This is a fictional account based heavily on true facts about the kidnapping of young girls in Africa by Boko Haram, and their subsequent brainwashing. The saddest part is that there are still girls who haven’t been returned to their families. This happened in 2014. As an American, the thought of these things happening is just so wildly out of culture, so reading this was beyond eye-opening. Definitely check the trigger warnings though, it you’re thinking about picking this one up!

That’s it! This was a a really fun tag to do, I tag anyone else who wants to do cuz I’m super late haha!


23 thoughts on “Tag Tuesday: Books As First Dates Tag!!

  1. At least my failure to read An Ember In The Ashes before now means I can binge read the first three in one go 😂 The Lunar Chronicles would make a great adaptation. And I definitely need to read Strange The Dreamer soon!! I’ve also never heard of the last book you’ve included but I’m definitely adding it to my TBR!!

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  2. oh yes I’ve heard mixed things about the Red Queen series and I’m not sure if I will ever pick it up to be honest. I have always been curious about Every Heart A Doorway but I haven’t read it but it is short and I usually have the same problem with short stories as you can’t really get into them !!
    I loved an Ember too !!! *heart eyes* also yes please to a lunar chronicles adaptation !!

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  3. AWESOME TAG and I love the idea! And I totally understand your Red Queen thought: I loved the series, but I also think I can’t read it again because all the twists are no surprises anymore and there was a lot of scheming and planning, and for me it’s only interesting the first time around! AND OMG The Lunar Chronicles on-screen and Wicked King as rollercoaster is the 100% fitting description! Happy reading!

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  4. You’re not the first person I’ve heard say that Red Queen seems like it’s just a mishmash of other popular YA series! It’s been sitting on my shelf for YEARS & I still can’t bring myself to read it 😂 Totally agree with you about The Lunar Chronicles – although it wasn’t my fave series, I 100% think it would make for an amazing tv show/movie franchise! Omg I can’t wait to read With the Fire on High, I ADORE books with good food descriptions 😍 Although I think it’s totally criminal when they don’t include the recipes for the dishes! 😂

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    1. Oh no haha! It’s definitely not for everyone, especially if you’ve read a lot of YA!
      Yessss! And oh my gosh, I hope you adore it💜 books with food are the best. And it sort of has a recipe? But not exactly, since some of the “ingredients” are basically emotions. I agrée though, you can’t talk about all that delicious food and not give a recipe! I wish you the happiest of reading💜

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