Red Queen Series Review: Is It Worth Joining The Scarlet Guard?

Hi friends! Today I’m going to do a review of the Red Queen series as a whole, and help you decide: is it worth reading?


Mare Barrow is a Red. What is a Red, you might ask? Reds are just normal people, with red blood. Silvers have powers and silver blood. They oppress the Reds, enlist them, abuse their powers. However, a horrible accident results in Mare, a Red girl, revealing powers that no Silver has ever seen or heard of before. Desperate to keep things quiet, the king forces Mare to masquerade as a lost Silver princess and arranges her engagement to his son Maven. Of course, Mare hates the Silvers and secretly joins up with The Scarlet Guard, a rebellion dedicated to freeing Reds from the Silvers. So now she must struggle with maintaining her mask, helping the rebellion, and dealing with her own growing feelings towards the king’s sons.


Is Red Queen Worth Reading?

I’d say yes! The first book is packed with politics, action, powers, and touch of romance. There’s little questionable content, yet it’s extremely entertaining! Think The Selection but with more action and less annoying Aspen. Also, the ending is killer.

“Anyone can betray anyone.”

Okay But What About The Rest Of The Books?

Well…here’s where things get tricky. Everyone has divided opinions on this series as a whole but after the first book it’s really split. Here’s my take on it:

Glass Sword

I enjoyed this book, actually. The thing is, it was thick with action yet low on substance. It’s entertaining but needlessly, if that makes sense? A lot of people were disappointed with this installment in the series but I’d recommend giving it a try, but only if you enjoyed the first book. The ending is also insane in this one as well!

King’s Cage

Here’s where Victoria Aveyard kinda took a step back and assessed what needed to happen. King’s Cage is much more character driven, and psychologically focused than the previous books. Many enjoyed this book the most simply because it showed a depth that the others didn’t. Okay, cool, great you might say. Where’s the downside? And here it is: many think King’s Cage is boring. It lacks a lot of the action that Glass Sword had, and let’s be honest for a sec: Mare and Cameron are whiny as heck. This one also got a bit…iffy. While the first and second books are pretty clean this most definitely isn’t so beware before reading this one.

Alright, I’ve Made It This Far But What About The Last Book?

“I think living without love, any kind of love, is weakness.”

Yes. War Storm. This series is filled with ups and downs but from my perspective, it just kept going downhill until we reached this point. You see, War Storm is almost 700 pages long and boasts 5 POVs. The problem is that it’s boring and two of the POVs get maybe three chapters each. I know! The entire book is chock-full of meaningless battles and zero communication (I hate that, I hate that, I hate that) not to mention the ending is extremely unsatisfying and leaves us with more questions than we had at the beginning! Even if the earlier books were worth reading, I wouldn’t recommend this one. The questionable content makes a comeback and it’s just not worth sitting through when there’s so many other books you could be reading.


While Red Queen is amazing, the series just kept going downhill. You might like King’s Cage the most but if you find yourself hating the characters (all of them) with a passion, I wouldn’t go with it. And unless you’re a die-hard fan of the series, War Storm just isn’t worth it.

So that wraps up this series review, hopefully I’ve helped you decide whether or not to read it! Au revoir!

8 thoughts on “Red Queen Series Review: Is It Worth Joining The Scarlet Guard?

  1. Great review! I’ve only read the first two books and became weary of how much Mare was tortured. She wanted to go back to the days of mearly starvation! Hahah! I may have to go back to them, though. You make it sound interesting. 🤔


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