Tag Tuesday: Top 5 F, G, H, I, J Authors!

Hi friends! I’m back for another Top 5 Tuesday, hosted by the lovely Shanah @ Bionic Bookworm! Today we’re choosing authors from the letters listed above!


When Elephants Fly is such a poignant, incredible story dealing with so many sensitive issues such as schizophrenia and animal abuse. Fischer did an amazing job of handling all these topics with strong characters.


Stephanie Garber has some of the most beautiful writing I’ve ever seen. Sure, it’s a little nonsensical at times, but it’s beautiful. And her worlds and magic systems are so creative!


Joan He has some of the best political intrigue in YA, in my opinion. In her debut, she really dived deep into court and politics, and some pretty awesome plot twists.


I didn’t have an I, so it’s onto J! While I wasn’t super impressed with this story (too much romance, not enough mystery) I’m willing to give the sequel a try, because the premise was so good.

That’s it! Do you have a favorite author that begins with any of these letters?

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