white or milk or dark chocolate? // an age-old question

Hi friends! I’m here to bring a lighthearted topic* to the discussion board: what kind of chocolate is best? You’ve probably thought about this before but we need to dive deep into the chocolate world to truly understand why dark chocolate is the best which kind reigns supreme!

*or the kind of topic that has your family throwing turkey at one another at thanksgiving. all depends on your perspective.

First Up On The Chopping Block: White Chocolate!

White chocolate isn’t really that appealing, y’all. Tell me that doesn’t look like mozzarella cheese. Or white cheddar. Anyways, there are lots of things you can do with white chocolate:

  • white chocolate mochas friends!!! one of the superior starbucks drinks.
  • cookies and cream EVERYTHING. Ice cream and Hershey’s and milkshakes.
  • those macadamia nut cookies. if that floats your boat.
  • also I suppose they’re pretty as decorations??? like as an accent or something.

next, the fan favorite: milk chocolate!

  • FUDGE. yum yum yum.
  • hersheys? kitkats? nestle crunch bars? delicious.
  • also that betty crocker chocolate frosting. you know what I’m talking about.
  • most chocolate things are made with milk chocolate, I feel like.

finally, the underrated queen herself: dark chocolate!!!

  • first of all, 85% dark chocolate is delicious and no one can convince me otherwise.
  • health benefits!! so you don’t feel quite as guilty.
  • all chocolate cake. because you can’t just have milk chocolate in one of those blackout cakes.

In conclusion, dark chocolate is superior. Then milk. White is generally awful except on occasion. Okay okay, so maybe that’s just my opinion. Tell me: how would you rank these decadent flavors?

19 thoughts on “white or milk or dark chocolate? // an age-old question

  1. OMG this is everything! And I’m so with you on the dark chocolate: it’s healthier and let’s be honest, chocolate cakes with dark chocolate are the ABSOLUTE BEST! And this post is soooo awesome!!!

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  2. I like dark chocolate best!! Oftentimes I do like milk chocolate (I’m eating mini M&M’s now!) when I want something sweet but dark chocolate taste is richer and more satisfying. Ugh. I actually dislike white chocolate – way too sweet for my taste!!

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