Tag Tuesday: Top 5 Couples I Don’t Think Stayed Together!

Hi friends! Today’s Top 5 Tuesday is hosted by Shanah, as always, and it’s a really interesting one to consider. Personally, I think that quite a few couples wouldn’t have stayed together after the ending no matter what any spinoff series says.

Please keep in mind that there are spoilers for Harry Potter, so if you see the it and you haven’t read it yet, please scroll through!!

I don’t care what any epilogue says, there’s no way Ron and Hermione stayed together after the series ended. All they ever did was fight, fight, fight, oh wait Voldemort almost killed them so now they’re friends again, and fight some more.

There was zero chemistry between the two love interests this entire book, so obviously once all the conflict ends there’s no reason for them to stay together. Really guys, it’s NOT a good look if you can barely stay together when forced to by the author, let alone when the author stops writing.

Yeah…I don’t think that this couple could have stayed together either. There was some passion! A little chemistry! But most important for longevity: friendship. They were never really friends, and I think that when the going gets rough all the passion dissipate.

Still not over this not-great cover

I haven’t actually read this book but I know how it ends! And I’m not particularly pleased with this main couple. They never struck me as a good ship, and they’re not very long-term. I can totally imagine the book ending, the two of them looking at each other, and going “yeah no” and running to opposite ends of the earth.

To be honest, I wouldn’t necessarily expect either couple to stay together. It’s another case of momentary passion but not really love in the long run. So…yeah*.

*if you thought i’d mention finale but not jacks, you were wrong. I MISS HIM OKAY-

And that’s it! Tell me: do you agree with my choices? Is there a couple you think didn’t stay together? Let’s talk in the comments!

14 thoughts on “Tag Tuesday: Top 5 Couples I Don’t Think Stayed Together!

  1. Ooh on Ron and Hermione I definitely agree!! If they kept quarreling – not the marks of a great couple. But if they found a way to overcome their fighting, I think they’d suit each other though.

    Lol I feel like a lot of OTPs in YA literature won’t last because they’re founded on passion, not friendship…though I do wish they would. As for Emika+Hideo, I would say…maybe they might stay together? They both have questionable morals and I feel like they’re both alike? Haha. Though maybe that’s just wishful thinking because I shipped them really hard.

    And for Finale and The Night Circus – I can totally get it. They didn’t seem to get to know each other as a person *really* well

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    1. I totally agree with you on that, I think that with a little work (and Harry as a mediator lol) they’d work well together!

      Oh my gosh, EXACTLY! That’s a fantastic way of putting YA relationships! As for Emika and Hideo, I never even thought of it like that. You’re totally right, they probably COULD have stayed together since they’re so similar XD

      Yesss, exactly! Thank you so so much for commenting😊💜

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