Is Squid Game Worth The Hype???

Ah, Squid Game. Do you even exist on the Internet if you haven’t heard of it yet? If you somehow have gotten away with living under a rock (I hope it’s a nice rock to make up for being out of the loop) let me enlighten you. People who are down on their luck, desperate and in debt, are invited to participate in Squid Game, a tournament of sorts where participants play children’s games to earn a huge sum of money. The catch? Failure will mean death. Squid Game is brutal. It isn’t just unforgiving in how it treats its … Continue reading Is Squid Game Worth The Hype???

Film Review: The Incredibles 2

Hi friends! Last weekend for Father’s Day, my family and I went to go see The Incredibles 2. I’ve been toying with the idea of reviewing it in my head considering I know nothing about films but I’m gonna give it a shot! Things I Liked: The focus on Elastigirl! It was such a clever move on Disney’s part showing that it’s possible to be a mom and still kick-butt. “Why did they change math?!” I loved the relationships in this. Like, the way everyone interacted with each other added a depth to the characters that wasn’t in the first movie. It … Continue reading Film Review: The Incredibles 2