Film Review: The Incredibles 2

Hi friends! Last weekend for Father’s Day, my family and I went to go see The Incredibles 2. I’ve been toying with the idea of reviewing it in my head considering I know nothing about films but I’m gonna give it a shot!


Things I Liked:

  • The focus on Elastigirl! It was such a clever move on Disney’s part showing that it’s possible to be a mom and still kick-butt.
  • “Why did they change math?!”
  • I loved the relationships in this. Like, the way everyone interacted with each other added a depth to the characters that wasn’t in the first movie.
  • It was actually really applicable to today’s world. The main villain attacks through the use of technology and let’s be honest, that’s scarier than any sort of giant robot.
  • It was absolutely hilarious!
  • Frozone got a bigger part in this one, which I was happy about!
  • Jack Jack
  • That scene with Violet, Tony, and the water- it was like watching myself but with light skin LOL
  • Edna Mode


For a sequel, scratch that, for a sequel that came out sixteen years after the original movie, The Incredibles 2 holds its own. Is it better than the first? Of course not. But is it worth watching? Absolutely. I hope you enjoyed this post, comment below if you’d like me to do more film reviews! Au revoir!

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