Tag Tuesday: Top 5 Magic Systems!

Does Avatar: The Last Airbender count? Anyways, I have another fantasy book tag that I’ll probably be doing this week so consider this week fantasy themed! Top 5 Tuesday is hosted by Meeghan @ Meeghan Reads.

This magic system based on Fates and the Deck of Destiny and whatnot was criminally underutilized because it’s so much fun! I love how we’re still getting to see magical objects and beings in Stephanie’s spinoff series starring Evangeline Fox. I don’t know why, but there’s something so inherently whimsical about this world that it makes the magic system feel like anything’s possible.

Now it’s time to make a hard left turn out of Whimsy Land and talk about a hard magic system! Allomancy as it’s featured in Era 1 of Mistborn* is incredibly cool. Its entire premise revolves around metals, and different metals do different things! For example, if someone “burns” iron or steel, they push and pull on metal to traverse the air. Burning tin enhances the senses while burning pewter enhances one’s physical strength. It’s very complex at first glance, but it’s actually quite basic since it’s rooted in real-world logic.

*i’m sorry but i put a caption on that image of mistborn ONCE and now it’s married to it???? i have to manually delete it EVERY time i reuse the image…

Two words: tea magic. Do you need to know anything else? I mean, the endless possibilities! The brewing potential! Also, reading this book made me crave tea but alas, I lack magical tea properties.

The Gilded Wolves is another series packed full of magical objects! In retrospect…I’m not entirely sure if magical objects count as a magic system? But it totally should! I love how Zofia can create cool inventions and Tristan can raise plants. This system is just so cool.

I read The Iron Trial a long time ago, so my apologies if my memory is not up to par. But from what I remember, there’s elemental magic and elemental creatures and ELEMENTS. I don’t know guys, I just really like magic based off of elements.

So that’s it! What’s a magic system you love???

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19 thoughts on “Tag Tuesday: Top 5 Magic Systems!

  1. i mean avatar HAS TO COUNT righhttt??? that show is pure perfection so it completely deserves a spot on this list 😤 and ahhhh yess a magic steeped in poison has SUCH A COOL magic system!!! Love this!!

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  2. Tea magic! I adored Magic Steeped in Poison and I also really loved the magic system in Mistborn 😍 I haven’t finished the Caraval series and read it so long ago that I remember so little of it now (lol, old brain) but I’m hoping to re-read it this year. I also can’t wait to read Gilded Wolves! Awesome list 😃

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  3. KAYA I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!! i mean ALL THE FANTASY + RECOMMENDATIONS THAT EXPLODE TBRS + TALK 0F MAGIC SYSTEMS = PERFECTION AND I HAVE OFFICIALLY FALLEN IN LOVE WITH IT!! seriously, every time mistborn is mentioned i sob because i feel guilty for not reading it yet BECAUSE ITS OBVIOUSLY GOING TO BE FABULOUS RIGHT?? plus the entire world-based-on-metal-and-its-different-properties SOUNDS SO COOL

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