Tag Tuesday: Top 5 Funniest Characters! // aka the best characters ever

Hi friends! Today’s Top 5 Tuesday post is already one of my favorites, because we get to talk about hilarious characters. I absolutely love snorting ridiculously loud at two in the morning and waking up the entire house because a character said something witty. A huge thank you to Shanah for hosting this every week!

Percy’s sense of humor is everything. And yes, that is why this text is blue if you’re reading this on my website. His inside jokes with his mom, Annabeth, Grover, they’re the best! Also I mean who doesn’t argue with their stomach on occasion. It is a perfectly normal thing to do. Right?

This skull right here.

THE SASS. THE UNORTHODOX METHODS OF KILLING*. The skull is such a hilarious addition to this series, and it feeds off of the other characters so well! I remember having to literally bite my bookmark (it was metal or something okay) so I didn’t burst into heaps of laughter. All thanks to this wonderful, not entirely evil skull here.

*this skull needs to give me advice on how to kill my math textbook. permanently.

Fred and George are a riot. Literally, they could probably start a riot by being on the street for two seconds. I always, always grin like the idiot that I am whenever they appear in the books, because I know I’m in for a good time*. Can someone accompany me to Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes, if you please?

*except for deathly hallows. they’re the sole reason i haven’t reread that book ever.

Thorne is the actual best. Do we even need to talk about the “how about we pour rice in her head” moment? I live for his quips and jibes and jokes! It also doesn’t help that he and Cress are one of my favorite ships ever. Now I just want to reread The Lunar Chronicles smh.

I thought long and hard about which Shadowhunter to pick, but I honestly can’t decided between Jace and Will. AND MAGNUS. Seriously, the Herondale sass is the stuff of legend. Magnus alone could have me giggling for days, and then you throw in these two? Am I actually alive anymore my friends. I don’t know. Death by giggling is my future.

And that’s it! Who are the funniest characters in YOUR opinion??? I was maybe a little predictable (whoops) but I have a picky sense of humor okay. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

17 thoughts on “Tag Tuesday: Top 5 Funniest Characters! // aka the best characters ever

  1. Oh god, you picked the perfect characters! Honestly, you’re making me want to reread all of those series just because I remember how INCREDIBLY funny the characters were! Percy was one of the first middle grade books I read and what I loved from the start was the humor. Like there can be life-threatening situations and Percy’s joking about it!
    I also totally 100% agree with Thorne, he is the absolute best male character ever!!! Then of course, Fred and George, the cherry on top of the icing for me in Harry Potter!
    And yes, Shadowhunters is such a tough choice, there are so many hilarious characters! But I would have narrowed it down to those three as well!!
    And I’ve always wanted to read Lockwood and now it’s included in your list – I may as well get to it sooner then!
    Awesome list, seriously, you’re making me smile by only reading it and thinking about the characters!
    Happy reading!

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    1. Yesss, Percy is honestly the best ever XD.
      Amen to that! Fred and George make the entire series better honestly.
      Yay, I’m glad I’m not the only one!
      And ooh yesss, you totally should, it’s an incredible series!!
      That makes me super happy to hear, thank you so much💜 the happiest of reading to you too!

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  2. YES Thorne is amazing!! The rice in her head moment was gold!! I love Thorne and him and Cress are one of my favourite ships too *high-five*
    Fred and George are classics, I do love them!!
    Also the sassy skull in Lockwood and Co sounds amazing!!
    I think Locke Lamora in The lies of Locke Lamora is pretty funny as well!! 🙂

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  3. I seriously need to reread The Lunar Chronicles as I can’t remember what this rice thing is? Although I was planning to reread it anyway as I loved the series and Cress was probably my favourite of the books. I love some of the sassy characters in Cassandra Clare’s books so much too!! I do need to read more funny books in general though. I did find Reiches in Spellslinger quite funny. Plus he made me realize how much I could love talking animals in books.

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      1. Hopefully we both get to sometime then (: it’s just the one but he’s so vicious and unexpectedly funny. I did get more into the series during the second book though. Thank you, happy reading to you too.

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