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Hi friends! I’ve been enjoying July’s Top 5 Tuesday topics so much! I mean I’m really scared for X, Y, and Z but that’s fine. It’s a good challenge. Don’t forget that this is hosted by Shanah @ Bionic Bookworm if you want to join in!


First of all, this cover is awful. The model doesn’t even look how the main character is described. Second of all, the more I dwell on this book that I barely remember, the more I dislike it. Historical fiction in general kinda bores me so maybe I’m a bit biased but this was just unsatisfying. But that’s just me!


This is my most favorite Throne of Glass book and it’s actually so good and I honestly want to reread the first four books in this series because I freaking love them. And then I’ll just pretend the rest don’t exist smh.


Technically, I DNF’d this. It just felt childish to me. The characters talked and acted like they were five instead of sixteen, which is not very pleasant to witness if I’m being honest. Although I did listen to this in audiobook format, which is not my preferred form of reading so this may be all my fault.


An ownvoices Chinese fantasy book mixing Mulan and fashion! I really loved the first half, while the second half and ending disappointed me a bit. But I think it’s still worth a try, if the premise interests you!


Guess who hasn’t read the sequel?*raises hand*. I liked the story okay but there just wasn’t enough mystery in this first novel. LESS ROMANCE AND MORE MURDER IF YOU PLEASE.

So that’s it! Tell me if you’ve read any of these books!

17 thoughts on “Tag Tuesday! | P – Q – R – S – T!

  1. Great choices! I ABSOLUTELY MORE THAN ANYTHING 100% agree with Truly Devious. I was so mad that she focused on the romance instead of the case at hand and she basically solved the murder and then that stupid helicopter comes and she COMPLETELY forgets about it – after investigating the ENTIRE time. Arghhhh, it drives me crazy lol!
    And also completely understand Ruby Red, I enjoyed it at the age of 11 or 12, but I tried rereading it last year – not possible haha.
    Happy reading!

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  2. I’m currently reading Queen of Shadows and love it so freaking much!!
    I loved Truly Devious and The Vanishing Stair when I loved it. But I guess I can understand what you mean, I still think you should try the sequel because you may like it better.


  3. Ruby Red is such a beautiful book, but it is honestly a horror to read. I ended up selling my copy because I just couldn’t ever see myself not being able to judge it every time I saw it on my shelf 😦

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