The 2018 Love Triangle Game! | Why Does The Randomizer Hate Me?!

Hi friends! I know I did Rip It Or Ship It not too long ago but I wanted to do The Love triangle game with a twist. I’m only allowed to choose characters from books I’ve read this past year!

so I stuck some names in an online randomizer and here we are.

Thomas Cresswell, Laia, and Cristina

So our hero is Thomas Cresswell, and his two love interests are Laia and Cristina. Of all the ones to start with…but really, am I the only one who kinda lowkey ships Thomas and Cristina? He’d make her laugh with his sarcasm and wit, and she’d protect him with her mad butterfly blade skills. I SHIP IT SO MUCH. Bye, Laia.

Emma, Jace, and Oliver

Ohhhhh noooo. I’m laughing but also can we just mentally tear this one up? Emma would tear Oliver to pieces. Really, probably the only person besides Julian (or possibly Mark) whom Emma could ever fall in love with would be Jace. I mean, their sass and sarcasm would be hilarious. There’s that at least.

Jill, Gansey, and Sebastian

I am slightly disturbed at the thought of Gansey with Jill. I mean, I can sorta see it? If things weren’t the way they were. But ya know what, Jill and Sebastian can have each other. I’m cool with that.

Julian, Stevie, and Camellia

Julian Blackthorn deserves the world. Okay so Stevie and Julian have basically nothing in common? Like…I genuinely couldn’t even see them being friends let alone IN LOVE. I guess I can actually sorta see Camellia and Julian together. They’re both…um…actually can I just have Julian for myself? YEAH LET’S GO WITH THAT.

Tessa, Will, and Jem

i didn’t rig this I swear.



I choose all of them. bye friends and family and strangers on the street.

Emika, James, and Mark

I’m still salty (yes from anger and tears) from the last one. But, I’ve gotta say that Emika and Mark would be a cute couple? She’s really fiery and impatient, yet I feel like she would be so overprotective of Mark. And he would be confused half the time because of all of her hacker-ness but he’d secretly brag all the time “Yeah, my girlfriend knows about DARK SPIDER WEBS and this random road made out of silk!” I want this to happen.

Cardan, Jude, and Tella

I swear this randomizer hates me. But really, there’s NO choice here. Although, if Jude wasn’t in the picture I could totally see Cardan and Tella together? They’re second best though because CARDAN AND JUDE FOREVAHHH.

and yes, the only reason I added The Wicked King was because I couldn’t just have two books. everything needs to match.

So that’s it! I hope you guys enjoyed reading this, I thought it would be a fun character themed 2018 wrap-up post. Even if the randomizer wasn’t particularly random. Tell me your thoughts on these!

18 thoughts on “The 2018 Love Triangle Game! | Why Does The Randomizer Hate Me?!

  1. Hahah the chance that you got Tessa, Will and Jem together!! (tbh didn’t know many of the characters haha, even though they mostly come from books i=I really want and should read!)


    Liked by 1 person

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