Truly Devious Book Tag

Hi friends! I’m back with another tag, and I was tagged by the absolutely amazing Blogger Books!


Riddle, Riddle on the Wall: Your Favorite Mystery Book


I haven’t read many mystery books but out of the few I’ve read, these are my favorites! Even though as of writing this post I haven’t finished If We Were Villains yet, I can already tell I’m going to love it! And A Study In Charlotte is up there too.

Ellaingham Academy: Your Favorite Fictional School

I’m going to have to steal this answer and say HOGWARTY WARTY WARTS*.

*as you can see I’m extremely mature

Janelle: Your Favorite People In Books Who Are Besties


Even though I DO ship Thomas and Audrey Rose romantically, their friendship in the first book is SPECTACULAR. Their banter is pure brilliance.

Nate: Your Favorite Fictional Character Who Writes?


Natalie is a fashion blogger and I love her entries so much? Like, if y’all don’t know this already, I don’t do looking good. Or non-fiction. But I feel like I’m learning something about fashion while reading her blog posts so MORE CHARACTERS LIKE NATALIE.


David: Your Favorite Mysterious Character

36329818 (1)

I know NOTHING about Jacks because he’s just that mysterious. But I’m also weirdly entranced by his character??? I DON’T EVEN KNOW ANYMORE.

Albert Ellingham: Your Favorite “Crazy Rich” Character!


Apparently most YA characters are broke??? To make them more relatable I suppose. But Hideo is not broke like me and most others YA characters. I don’t actually like him but he’s rich so go him!

Truly Devious Himself: Your Favorite Villain


SPOILERS for this book but seriously, that villain plot twist at the end??? Just insanity.

“The Ellingham Case”: Your Most Mourned Death of a Character

Um…spoilers for TID and Harry Potter???

Fred, Dobby, and Sirius literally ripped my soul from my body. I actually have never read the end of OotP and Deathly Hallows because I physically couldn’t bring myself to die again. But that will change. This winter. Aaaand then Will Herondale’s death shook me to my core and I actually have never cried as hard over anything or about anything as much as when I finished Clockwork Princess. What little feelings I had were crushed to a pulp in front of my eyes.


So that’s it! I tag literally anyone who wants to do this, since I don’t know who’s read this? But feel free to do the tag!

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13 thoughts on “Truly Devious Book Tag

  1. Great post! (and sorry I’m so late blog-hopping!) I have yet to read a single Agatha Christie book and I am helplessly ashamed of myself but I will be sure to read this one 😊

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