The 2018 Love Triangle Game! | Why Does The Randomizer Hate Me?!

Hi friends! I know I did Rip It Or Ship It not too long ago but I wanted to do The Love triangle game with a twist. I’m only allowed to choose characters from books I’ve read this past year! so I stuck some names in an online randomizer and here we are. Thomas Cresswell, Laia, and Cristina So our hero is Thomas Cresswell, and his two love interests are Laia and Cristina. Of all the ones to start with…but really, am I the only one who kinda lowkey ships Thomas and Cristina? He’d make her laugh with his sarcasm and wit, and she’d protect him with her … Continue reading The 2018 Love Triangle Game! | Why Does The Randomizer Hate Me?!

Happy Halloween! | Featuring My Ghost-Hunting Cast!

Hi friends! I just wanted to wish y’all a happy Halloween, whether that means trick-or-treating, throwing a party, or just staying at home watching horror movies. I personally enjoy Halloween but it holds no meaning for me whatsoever. On a completely different note, here are some characters I’d take with me to go hunt some ghosts! Kaz and Gansey and Percy and Cardan and Jace! *and I forgot to put this in the post but I’d totally bring Lockwood from Lockwood and Co too. For obvious reasons. And if y’all are wondering why the heck why, my answer: because it would be … Continue reading Happy Halloween! | Featuring My Ghost-Hunting Cast!

Mixing Together Character Names???

Hi friends! So…in the middle of my sleep-drunk post writing, I realized this was basically coming up with ship names??? But instead of ships, I daresay these could be actual real names. As an added bonus, I will be naming something (a plant, a stuffed animal*, a sock, SOMETHING) after one of these names, and you guys can choose! So tell me your favorite name in the comments, and we’ll see what happens… *don’t judge me the nostalgia is real… Carlin Cardan and Aelin! Nowan Nova and Rowan! Winaz Winter and Kaz! Eliej Elias and Inej! Kaissa Kai and Tessa! … Continue reading Mixing Together Character Names???