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The 2018 Love Triangle Game! | Why Does The Randomizer Hate Me?!

Hi friends! I know I did Rip It Or Ship It not too long ago but I wanted to do The Love triangle game with a twist. I'm only allowed to choose characters from books I've read this past year! so I stuck some names in an online randomizer and here we are. Thomas Cresswell, Laia, and… Continue reading The 2018 Love Triangle Game! | Why Does The Randomizer Hate Me?!

Bookish Fun!

Happy Halloween! | Featuring My Ghost-Hunting Cast!

Hi friends! I just wanted to wish y'all a happy Halloween, whether that means trick-or-treating, throwing a party, or just staying at home watching horror movies. I personally enjoy Halloween but it holds no meaning for me whatsoever. On a completely different note, here are some characters I'd take with me to go hunt some ghosts! Kaz… Continue reading Happy Halloween! | Featuring My Ghost-Hunting Cast!

Bookish Fun!

Mixing Together Character Names???

Hi friends! the middle of my sleep-drunk post writing, I realized this was basically coming up with ship names??? But instead of ships, I daresay these could be actual real names. As an added bonus, I will be naming something (a plant, a stuffed animal*, a sock, SOMETHING) after one of these names, and… Continue reading Mixing Together Character Names???


Liebster Award #2

Hi friends! I'm back for another Liebster Award! Destiny @ Howling Libraries nominated me for this, so thank you Destiny and everyone else needs to check her AMAZING blog out!!! The Rules: 1. Acknowledge the blog who nominated you and display the award. 2. Answer the 11 questions the blogger gives you. 3. Nominate 11… Continue reading Liebster Award #2

Bookish Fun!

Hear Ye, Hear Ye: A New Bookish Opportunity Arises From The Deep

Hi friends! Today, I wanted to let you guys know of a new digital magazine up for grabs: a new bookish digital magazine. I know what you're thinking: why the sweet mother of fudge brownies would we buy a magazine when we could be reading? Well lovely book-warriors, allow me to shed some light on the subject (please tell me… Continue reading Hear Ye, Hear Ye: A New Bookish Opportunity Arises From The Deep

Bookish Fun!

Matching Disney Songs With Books!

Hi friends! One thing you should know about me: I AM OBSESSED WITH DISNEY. Name a movie, I've probably seen it. Seriously, every time I mention A Goofy Movie or The Lady And The Tramp 2 I get strange looks. Also when I sing along to nearly every song in every movie ever...I need help. Anyway, I'm just going to… Continue reading Matching Disney Songs With Books!