Is The Renegades Trilogy Worth The Hype???

Guys, I found this post in my drafts from February 2020. I apologize in advance. Today, I’m going to be discussing a bit of a polarizing series: The Renegades Trilogy by Marissa Meyer. yes, we all know i love this … Continue reading Is The Renegades Trilogy Worth The Hype???

February 2020 Haul!!

Hi friends! I’m back for another haul! I’m very excited, so let’s do this! albums If I can ever get myself together, yes, I will write an album review. Maybe I should just do it one track at a time lol. But for now, let’s just say that this has probably dethroned Love Yourself: Tear for me in terms of favorite albums. It’s versatile, emotional, complex, and musically rewarding. I only have Version 3 right now but I’m hoping to buy the other ones as my funds (slowly) increase haha! books received from the library I already published my review … Continue reading February 2020 Haul!!

High School Musical Book Tag!! // cuz you are the music in meee

Hi friends! I’m here for a really random tag, but since I’m currently watching High School Musical 2, I’m INSPIRED. I found this @ Doodles and Scraps. The Start of Something New – a new favorite genre/author/series Dark academia is one of my new favorite genres. There’s something so, well, Slytherin* about it all. *actually i just retook the pottermore quiz and APPARENTLY I’M A SLYTHERIN. me and my gryffindor shirt have been lied to. What I’ve Been Looking For – a book that has everything you’ve always wanted The Lunar Chronicles is one of my all-time favorite series. Fairy-tales … Continue reading High School Musical Book Tag!! // cuz you are the music in meee