Favorite Quotes of 2018!

Hi friends! I got this idea from the amazing Melanie so please please please go check her quotes out! There are some that hit me so hard I just can’t even. I tried to make them only my absolute favorites but…I’m indecisive.  and these are by month so there’s no ranking. I’m not competitive (for once). And um…I maaaay have gotten a little out of hand in the last few months. Whoops. January You found me in a constellation. February  One must always be careful of books, for words have the power to change us. People often learn more from getting … Continue reading Favorite Quotes of 2018!

The 2018 Love Triangle Game! | Why Does The Randomizer Hate Me?!

Hi friends! I know I did Rip It Or Ship It not too long ago but I wanted to do The Love triangle game with a twist. I’m only allowed to choose characters from books I’ve read this past year! so I stuck some names in an online randomizer and here we are. Thomas Cresswell, Laia, and Cristina So our hero is Thomas Cresswell, and his two love interests are Laia and Cristina. Of all the ones to start with…but really, am I the only one who kinda lowkey ships Thomas and Cristina? He’d make her laugh with his sarcasm and wit, and she’d protect him with her … Continue reading The 2018 Love Triangle Game! | Why Does The Randomizer Hate Me?!

Top 10 Books of 2018!!! | WE’RE RANKING THEM FOLKS!

Hi friends! Today is the day. i sadly can’t procrastinate any longer. We’re counting down my top 10 books of 2018, and I hope y’all are happy because I’m low-key sure I killed part of myself ranking these. so these are in order! And before you leave: THERE ARE NO SHADOWHUNTER BOOKS ON THIS LIST. I’ll be doing an entirely separate ranking of those after I read QoAaD! Because let’s be real, eight or nine of these would be Shadowhunters and we can’t have that. So let’s just jump right in! Number 10: The Wicked Deep by Shea Ernshaw! I’m … Continue reading Top 10 Books of 2018!!! | WE’RE RANKING THEM FOLKS!

My 3 Most Surprising Reads of 2018!

Hi friends! I obviously haven’t gotten myself together yet to make a favorites list but here are my top 3 most surprising reads to tide y’all over! If We Were Villains by M.L. Rio | There are no words for this. If We Were Villains was the only Friday Fright-A-Thon book I got to read and I don’t regret it AT ALL. It’s slow and beautiful and slowly devolves into the twisty, complex darkness of the characters and what secrets they’re keeping. I had no expectations whatsoever, except possibly hoping to be surprised by a twist but this was so much … Continue reading My 3 Most Surprising Reads of 2018!

Top 6 Books I’ve Read (So Far) This Year!

Hi friends! Firstly, I want to apologize because of how late this post is but I really wanted to finish a couple of books before I made this post! As a random side note, I literally died while trying to make a top 5 list so yeah that’s why it’s six. I don’t know if I’ll survive the end of the year but anyway, these aren’t in any particular order so enjoy!    Sky In The Deep by Adrienne Young “We’re tired of you talking about this book!” I know and I’m tired of myself talking about it too but … Continue reading Top 6 Books I’ve Read (So Far) This Year!