Problematic Books I’ve Read…?

In honor of all the drama surrounding Rebecca Mix’s The Ones We Burn, I’d like to take a moment and write this post in appreciation of all the problematic books I’ve read over the years*. I think it’s good to promote diverse books a majority of the time, but it’s also good to point out reasons why some books might not be read. I might be making a separate post talking about problematic books I once had on my TBR and will never touch for as long as I live (Where The Crawdads Sing anyone?) but this post will focus … Continue reading Problematic Books I’ve Read…?

bank it or bin #3 // it’s been too long

Hi guys! I’m back with another edition of Bank it or Bin it, created by the amazing Vee_Bookish! The last time I did an installment in this series was uh…November??? And I don’t think anyone wants to know how many books I’ve added to my TBR since then. So let’s hopefully remove some books from this TBR! I love The Seven Realms series. So obviously, way back when, I bought the first book used in her spinoff series based in the same world! I still want to read this book, so it’s getting banked. UH OH. We’ve unfortunately arrived at … Continue reading bank it or bin #3 // it’s been too long

WWW Wednesday!!

I’m possibly the most inconsistent person ever with these posts but hey, we’re doing one today! WWW Wednesday is hosted by Taking on a World of Words. what are you currently reading? The Atlas Six has been going viral on BookTok for a bit, so I finally (naturally) gave in and got it from the library. And holy crap you guys?!?!?! Why don’t we have more fantasy dark academia books*??? I feel like recently there’s been an uptick on fantasy novels that fall firmly in the “new adult” genre and I want to read them all now. Oh yeah, this … Continue reading WWW Wednesday!!

WWW Wednesday!

I’m sorry I haven’t been as active on here recently, school has been…well, all my student friends know how it is. So please drop a favorite recent post of yours below so I can at least sort of catch up! Anyways, we’re doing a WWW Wednesday today which is pretty exciting! WWW Wednesday is hosted by Taking On A Word of Worlds. what are you currently reading? I’m super thankful to Penguin Teen for an arc of this K-drama-inspired novel, because HELLO??? K-DRAMAS??? This follows a girl who is suddenly reunited with her deceased father’s family in Korea whom she’s … Continue reading WWW Wednesday!

reading 5 star reviews of books i despise pt. 1 // time to pull that reverse uno

While I know you are all anxiously awaiting pt. 2 of me reading 1-star reviews of books I love, I think it’s time to pull a classic Reverse Uno card and read good reviews of books I hate! And by hate I mean “really didn’t like”. Uh…let’s just get on with it, shall we? And of course, this is just for fun and I respect every reviewer’s opinion! The only reason I don’t name them specifically is that not everyone enjoys having their name called out on the Internet lol. “This book was so intense.. I cried at the end … Continue reading reading 5 star reviews of books i despise pt. 1 // time to pull that reverse uno