the first book haul of the year! // and unfortunately, not the last

Hi friends! I was debating whether to include NetGalley books in this haul because to be frank my dear*, I need an intervention to stop me from pressing the request button. I pretend I have restraint but then a new thriller with good reviews pops up! A gothic fantasy appears out of nowhere! I usually don’t like contemporary stories but this one features one element I really like! And so the circle of Netgalley moves us all. Anyways, after that whole rant, my point is I’m not talking about NetGalley in this particular haul because I’m too scared to look … Continue reading the first book haul of the year! // and unfortunately, not the last

February 2020 Haul!!

Hi friends! I’m back for another haul! I’m very excited, so let’s do this! albums If I can ever get myself together, yes, I will write an album review. Maybe I should just do it one track at a time lol. But for now, let’s just say that this has probably dethroned Love Yourself: Tear for me in terms of favorite albums. It’s versatile, emotional, complex, and musically rewarding. I only have Version 3 right now but I’m hoping to buy the other ones as my funds (slowly) increase haha! books received from the library I already published my review … Continue reading February 2020 Haul!!