February 2020 Haul!!

Hi friends! I’m back for another haul! I’m very excited, so let’s do this! albums If I can ever get myself together, yes, I will write an album review. Maybe I should just do it one track at a time lol. But for now, let’s just say that this has probably dethroned Love Yourself: Tear for me in terms of favorite albums. It’s versatile, emotional, complex, and musically rewarding. I only have Version 3 right now but I’m hoping to buy the other ones as my funds (slowly) increase haha! books received from the library I already published my review … Continue reading February 2020 Haul!!

October Book Haul! // super short but that’s okay!!

Hi friends! I was debating whether or not to post this because I barely got any books. But if I don’t do it this month, I’ll totally forget which books I got and with the holiday season coming up, I want to make sure I shout these out! received from publisher In The Hall With The Knife | I’m super grateful to Amulet Books for this one! This is the first book in a CLUE trilogy, and I really liked it! The mystery and characters were almost as entertaining as me (haha…i’m not funny). The Other Side of The Wall … Continue reading October Book Haul! // super short but that’s okay!!