taking a lookback at my most anticipated releases for the year: have i read them?

I was going to compile my most anticipated releases of 2023 post…but then I realized that I probably need to do this one first to guilt myself into actually reading the books on my 2023 list. Because this will not be pretty (but it’ll be fun!) However, I never actually made a big list for 2022. So for this particular post, I could go over my monthly anticipated releases but I just recently started to really narrow those posts down. Because of that, I’ll just be referencing my quarterly roundup of anticipated books I wanted to get to for each quarter.

first of all, let’s reference my top 5 anticipated releases from january-march:

I have not yet read Only A Monster because it is never at the library branch I’m at* so yeah. I put the audiobook for The Girl Who Fell Beneath The Sea on hold but have deferred it 3 times because I’m not sure if I even want to do the audio! Audiobooks and I have a very historically complex relationship. Anyways, I did read One For All** and…it was definitely something. A Magic Steeped in Poison was a marginally better something, and All My Rage is probably my favorite book of the year. All in all, that’s 2/5 books unread, 2/5 that were disappointments, and 1/5 that blew me away.

*you could argue that i could “put it on hold” but that’s so much WORK. and then it travels all the way to my library branch and it’s not like it’s an uber driver, so i have no ability to track it! say what you want about me but i am most certainly the world’s leading expert in “bookish first world problems”
**i actually FULLY wrote this review and just…never posted it??? i think i just felt so bad lmao

next up on the chopping block: my top 5 most anticipated books for april-june!! (i actually only put two 2022 releases on this particular post so we’ll only discuss those)

This Vicious Grace took me by surprise. I expected it to be a fun (but basic) YA fantasy but holy crap the romance??? The characterization??? The magic and plot and discussion of mental health??? 100% will be on my favorites list. Go Hunt Me was supposed to be a good mystery-thriller-horror hybrid but it just could not stick the cobwebs* it needed to stick. Overall, I was 2/2!

*did i just rewatch spiderman no way home you ask? why yes, yes i did and it’s still just as heartbreaking as the first time.

summer days are breezy and we can take it easy: 5 july-september releases!

Babel was so close to getting read by me because I had a hold on it a month before it released…if only it had released earlier in August. School started and I simply could not fathom giving this story the attention it deserved. Spells For Forgetting is on my list to get to soon! I have no idea why I added Foul Lady Fortune considering I haven’t even finished Our Violent Ends yet so uh that’s definitely unread. Luckily, I did read the gothic fantasy murder-mystery-romance novel that was Belladonna* and the absolutely DEVASTATING sequel that was The Ballad of Never After. So that’s 3/5 that are unread, and 2/5 that were very much loved!

*i might talk about this in a future post but actually the romance kinda sucked. this book was so close to being nearly practically perfect but that ROMANCE

and uh…apparently i didn’t do one of these posts for the last quarter of the year??? so uh just know i read both the atlas paradox and strike the zither which were both books i was anticipating!!!

So that’s it!!! Tell me: did you get to read some of the books you were highly anticipating in 2022??? Because there’s at least 10 not on this list that I didn’t hahaha…ha. Anyways, let me know what those are!!! And be on the lookout for my 2023 post!!!

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12 thoughts on “taking a lookback at my most anticipated releases for the year: have i read them?

  1. I honestly do not think I was able to read any of my most anticipated books, which is quite sad, but I’m honestly a mood reader so I pick things up when I want rather than when I need to. Good on you for getting to some of the books you’d anticipated!

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  2. I want to do a check in post on my anticipated books one day but I dread it 😅 to be fair I was doing pretty well at the start of the year…then it fell apart somehow /:

    I loved A Magic Steeped In Poison so I’m sorry that you didn’t. I’m glad you adored All My Rage though. And snap, sort of, on Girl Who Fell. I haven’t read it either but majorly want to.

    I haven’t gotten to This Vicious Grace yet but that’s only because the copy I preordered (I want the US not UK cover) has been delayed…although tbh I don’t think it’ll turn up 😪

    Your last 5 are all ones I really want to read too. Glad you loved two of them & I hope you manage to get to the other three soon. In January I’m definitely hoping to finally read Ballad. I got the Caraval series finished this year at least and it’s hopefully one of my next reads once I finish the ToG series.

    Well done for reading as many of these as you did. I’m sorry about the disappointments though. It’s awful when a highly anticipated book let’s you down.

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    1. LOL same here, i have so much motivation at the start of the year that just fizzles out by march😂😂😅

      i’m so happy to hear that you enjoyed a magic steeped in poison!!! it had such a cool magic system. and all my rage was soooo good too!

      oh my goodness i can’t believe that your copy of this vicious grace hasn’t turned up!!! i’m so sorry, that must be so nervewracking!! i hope you get it soon💜

      AH thank you!!! let me know your thoughts on ballad, it’s so good!!!

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      1. I think I start falling behind as more & more comes out then kind of give up 🙈

        Yes loved the tea based magic. I’m curious about the ending too. I definitely need to check that out!! I just really want to finally read Ember first.

        Thank you. They don’t charge until they ship so its not too bad, just frustrating not knowing if I should get another copy instead. Bright side I was also waiting for Stardust Thief & that finally had an update so it feels kind of like a Christmas present to myself 😅

        Definitely will do. I’m so excited for it!! BTW if you haven’t read it I really recommend The Final Strife.

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      2. Thank you.

        It’s an adult fantasy debut set in a world where people are divided by the colour of their blood. There are trials to find the future leaders. One of the MCs is very mixed up with the criminal world. It was my second favourite book of the year and so, so good.

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