catcalling should only be allowed for books // ft. the most gorgeous covers of the year

Hi hello friends! Book covers are insanely gorgeous in the year of our Lord 2022. For real though, let me introduce them!

first of all, Asian YA fantasies with illustrations??? literally cannot believe them???

Like, look at them?! The illustrations are so stunning I might just pass away entirely.

now let us take a break to look at other genres:

All of these covers just capture me! They’re so bright and beautiful!

anyways look at more fantasy covers:

Yeah okay, so maybe I have a favorite genre. Please tell me YOUR favorite covers of the year!!!

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15 thoughts on “catcalling should only be allowed for books // ft. the most gorgeous covers of the year

  1. OMG, YES, ALL OF THESE COVERS!!! 😍 They’re just stunning and I love them all so much. So eye-catching, so colourful and bold, so pretty. My eyeballs really feasted this year (that was such a weird thing to say but y’know, lol). Asian YA Fantasy covers for the win though!

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  2. I truly love admiring book covers and each year steps up their game!!
    I mean, A Magic Stepped In Poison has got to be one of the best ever. Why can’t more fantasy books have hot pink on it?!?
    Also Strike the Zither is beautiful. I can’t wait to see the sequel’s cover to match it 😍😍
    I think The Spear That Cuts Through Water is one of my favourites of the year for covers. I really want to read it soon as well!

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    1. ikr?! every year is prettier than the last!
      hot pink is a STUNNING cover that just does not get the credit it deserves😭
      and same here, joan he always has the best artists for her covers!
      SAME the spear that cuts through water truly has some of the best art design I’ve ever seen!

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  3. oh my gosh?? these are absolutely STUNNING and i am a little in love
    (the amount of asian fantasy books with pretty covers is ridiculous and i am delighted!)

    i love dark flowery covers (think, skeletons + flowers) and those Typical Fantasy covers. i’m not sure how to describe them, but in a similar vein to ‘only a monster’ and ‘night of the raven’!

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