talking about the 2022 goodreads choice awards!

Guess who has read approximately none of the books nominated this year??? Okay, that’s a lie. But it feels like I’ve read none! I would love to comment on multiple categories but today, I’m only going to be discussing the Fantasy category, the Young Adult Fiction category, and Young Adult Fantasy and Sci-Fi category.

the fantasy category!

Nominees: 20

Number I’ve Read: 1/20💀

Number on my TBR: 7/20

As you can see, I voted for The Atlas Six, although I hypothetically should not have. It’s definitely not the best fantasy book of the year, and I say that having not read any of the other nominees and have given it 5 stars. Parisa is holding this book back*-

*and nicolibby is saving it. they are yin and yang.

Anyways…Babel, Daughter of the Moon Goddess, Ordinary Monsters, Kaikeyi, Elektra, A River Enchanted, and Fairy Tale are on my TBR. Other books, such as The Golden Enclaves and The Lost Metal, are books that would be on my TBR except that I haven’t even begun the series yet. My Prediction For the Winner: House of Sky and Breath, with Fairy Tale in 2nd place and either Babel or Daughter of the Moon Goddess in 3rd. If Sarah J. Maas is on the ballot in a popularity contest, she’s pretty much a shoo-in, unfortunately. I think we need a new category for New Adult Fantasy!

the young adult fiction category!

Number of Nominees: 20

Number I’ve Read: 2/20

Number On My TBR: 1/20

ALL MY RAGE SHOULD WIN. It just won the National Book Award, and it truly is one of the best books I’ve ever read. If anyone ever asked me for a recommendation in the YA genre, I would point them to this book regardless of their preferences. Anyways, I clearly didn’t like Anatomy: A Love Story very much so I hope it does not win for selfish reasons.

Anyways, I’m disappointed in some of these nominees. Some are part of series, and some just feel meh. I’ve read a couple of excellent YA contemporary books this year, and I’m sad to see books like Long Story Short and When You Get The Chance aren’t nominated! The Weight of Blood is certainly on my TBR though, especially since I read Monday’s Not Coming this week and am excited to read more from Tiffany D. Jackson! Also, why does Karen McManus have two books nominated? My Prediction: either of Karen McManus’s books, or Family of Liars/The Final Gambit on TikTok name recognization alone.

the young adult fantasy category:

Number of Nominees: 20

Number I’ve Read: 6/20

Number on my TBR: 5

This was actually a very difficult category to vote for because while The Ballad of Never After is an easy pick out of what I’ve read this year, I can see Bloodmarked possibly overtaking it on my favorites list. But of course, I haven’t read Bloodmarked yet so I just ended up voting for Ballad. I do truly love Ballad though!

I’ve also read Violet Made of Thorns, Hotel Magnifique, These Twisted Bonds, and A Magic Steeped in Poison. They were all good enough, but not the best of the best. I’ve also read Belladonna but Goodreads doesn’t have it marked for some reason? Belladonna would have been my next pick!

Foul Lady Fortune, Bloodmarked, Only A Monster, The Girl Who Fell Beneath The Sea, Cursed, and If You Could See The Sun are all on my TBR! The others are either sequels or books I’m not really interested in right now. My Prediction For The Winner: This is hard but maybe Gallant? I’d guess Ballad or Kingdom of the Feared but they came out pretty late in the year.

Side Note: I also voted for I’m Glad My Mom Died in the Memoir category but there’s literally no reason to talk about that because it’s (a), going to win and (b), the only book in that category that I planned on reading.

So that’s it! Please share with me your thoughts, picks, and predictions for any category of the Goodreads Choice Awards!

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19 thoughts on “talking about the 2022 goodreads choice awards!

  1. Whenever the noms come out for this award I’m always surprised by how few of them I’ve actually read. This year was no different though I think I read the least number of books from all categories compared to other years! 😂 The most I read was from the YA fantasy category too. I hope Belladonna or The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea wins. I haven’t voted yet cos I honestly don’t know how to choose between them!

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    1. SAME! i swear, half the books i’ve read this year are 2022 releases and I’ve read almost none of these books😭😅 Ooh, I’m excited to hear that the Girl Who Fell Beneath The Sea is THAt good!! i liked belladonna a lot, so I’m excited to hear that they’re on par with each other!


  2. I’ve actually read 5 out of the adult fantasy category, which I think is a best for me. Out of the other two categories you listed I’ve read 1 in each, though I do have copies of some of the other books. It is a bit sobering to see just how many books there are to read that you haven’t read yet, lol!

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      1. Let’s see, out of that category I read KAIKEYI, THE ATLAS SIX, A RIVER ENCHANTED, DAUGHTER OF THE MOON GODDESS, and THE STARDUST THIEF. My favorite, I think, is THE ATLAS SIX. I had read some middling reviews, so I wasn’t expecting much from it, but when I finally read it I was pretty impressed. Lots of tension and it oozed dark academia. Yes, I know the characters are super self-absorbed, but oh well! 😛

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      2. WOW most of those are on my tbr!! they sound fantastic. and yessss, the atlas six is literally just one of my favorite reads of the year because it’s sooo entertaining!! the characters might be pretentious but we love em just the same😂😂

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  3. It’s amazing to me that I read around 35 2022 releases this year, and I didn’t even read half of the adult fantasy nominations. I think you might be underestimating Bloodmarked based on what I’ve seen on TikTok, but I haven’t started reading those books myself yet!

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    1. SAME! Isn’t it crazy??? I’ve heard of most of the adult fantasy nominees but I haven’t read most of them😂😂 I wish that they would release the noms earlier so we all had a chance to read them and properly vote! OOH really?! I’d love to see Bloodmarked win, but I figured that because it came out so late in the year it didn’t have much of a chance. Is it super popular on Tiktok right now?


  4. I had to pass entire genres while voting cause I hadn’t read a single book💀 but unfortunately I won’t be surprised if Sarah j maas wins, like she did the last time.
    Literally all of those ya fantasy books are on my tbr I really need to get to those!

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  5. I did have a look at the GoodReads awards this year and I really am behind on reading all these books, but interesting to see (even if slightly predictable 🫠). Although some books seemed like they were published ages ago (just time playing tricks on me again 🤣)

    YA fantasy is my most-read section and I would probably vote for Bloodmarked (only halfway but loving it). The other two I read (This Woven Kingdom & If You Could See The Sun) were average reads!
    Loved seeing your reactions and comments 💗


  6. loved reading about your opinions on the nominees! honestly I’m a bit disappointed with some YA picks bc they feel like so skewed in favor of booktok users on the site and what they’ve read. 😅 Though there’s definitely some fantastic ones there that deserve the win or atleast the top spots, though as always I feel like I’ve barely read any of them 😂😂 Wonderful post Kaya!

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